Are Expensive Pool Cues Worth The Money?

Are Expensive Pool Cues Worth The Money

Are Expensive Pool Cues Worth The Money?

When it comes to enhancing your pool game, the debate rages on: are high-priced cues truly worth the investment? As players seek the perfect balance of performance and cost, the allure of expensive cues beckons. Let’s delve into whether splurging on these premium tools reaps substantial benefits or if it’s just a high-priced illusion.

This has to be the most asked self-question when it comes to choosing between pool cues, are expensive pool cues worth the money? The answer to that question will go both ways because it is going to all falls down on what level are you in the game of pool, if you are just starting out as a rookie in the game then the answer for you would be a solid no it won’t be worth it for someone that stage of the game.

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For intermediate, to professional playing level the answer will be an 80% yes and a 20% no as well, high-end pool cues are mostly detailed cues. Meaning it is either best for hard shots like breaking on and so forth or the best for all your cut and skilled shots in the game. An expensive pool cue will perform well and last 10 times longer than a cheap pool cue for sure no competition there in that comparison.

Are Expensive Pool Cues Worth The Money?

Pool cues will range from under $50 to as high as over $5000, and limited edition and custom cues will range even over the cost of $10,000 as well. Nevertheless, pool cues are broken down into stages of classes, cheap, average, mid-range, and expensive cues like most things. Both mid-range and expensive pool cues will be high-end cues the difference between those in term of performance are not far off.

Cheap pool cues will be ranked below $100 and from $100 to $300 would be classified as average, $300 to $600 is mid-range and would be in the expensive branches now. Cheap pool cues won’t last and are mostly used by a beginner-friendly player of the game. The most common using pool cues would be the average, a person will feel well in budget buying and using a cue in the $100 to $300 budget line.

You can find a bit of everything in the price line of the average you can still find no good cues and you can find good quality cues as well, check out some reasonable ones we have for $200 and $300. Mid-Range cues are also popular using cues as well there and from up to $600, I personally stick to these cues because, to be honest, they are as good as the ones in the thousand-dollar price line.

The expensive ones that are scaling over the thousand-dollar budget will have more detailed designs and will probably last longer or the longest of them all, the custom ones are definitely heirloom cues.  Heirloom cues are the most expensive cues on the market and they are not easy to source because of the high cost a normal or average person will not be able to purchase these cues as well.

So, the bottom line is that it’s going to all fall down to your budget when buying your pool cue but I am just saying the mid-range ones are almost just as good as the high and expensive ones. If you cannot afford an expensive one, you won’t be missing much when using a mid-range cue for sure.

Why Are Pool Cues So Expensive?

There are many different reasons why good quality pool cues are so expensive, for one the material build, you will only find Hard Rock Maple and Exotic Woods on high-end cues nothing below that. The Shaft, ferrules, tip, and wrap on the cue will be built of the best quality as well they will provide you with the best gameplay abilities. All of these will be treated with a special coating to preserve the wood from warping or atmospheric changes.

In comparison, cheap cues will not last for a long time and have no durability to their structure they are good starter cues so that you can get a feel of what you would like. To some persons, all cues are just wood or fibre and are the same whichever one you probably use but all cues are not the same.

Standard Or Low Deflection Shaft

To my research, more persons are switching to LD shafts because it gives a better playing ability with English shots and squits the cue ball at a lower rate than the standard shaft. Standard shafts are good as well and are more common to see o cues however the Ld shafts are taking off from what I am seeing in our detailed research. Low-deflection shafts are more expensive than standard shafts as well but it is worth it for sure.

The two different shafts will give totally different gameplays if you are used to using a standard shaft it is going to get some getting used to when switching to an LD shaft and it’s going to be the same when switching from a low deflecting cue to a standard as well. It will take some time before getting used to so don’t judge any of them by just using it once or twice the switching up is not as easy as you make things.

If you are not too familiar with what deflecting gameplays are I will add a small clip below and am sure it will provide you with all you need to know about deflecting plays in the pool.

These are also things you need to know about deflection plays and am sure this will increase your skills in the game as well. The faster you learn how to make these shots the more time you will have to practice and master these plays at a professional level.

Will An Expensive Pool Cue Make Me Play Better?

Are Expensive Pool Cues Worth The MoneyLet me just get this out the way again, if you are a noobie to the game or a beginner you are going to need lots of practice there are no shortcuts to playing at a professional level of the game. So at that low level of the game, I would recommend buying an expensive pool cue stick.

Am not saying you cannot buy an expensive pool cue straight from the get-go am just indicating that it won’t exceed your noobie skills to an intermediate overnight. Buying an expensive pool cue has its pros as well even though it’s not going to provide magical playing skills but it will be durable and give accurate plays so if you can afford to buy one I am not stopping you however it’s not a big deal really at that stage.

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Now on the other hand if you are at an intermediate level of the sport and upwards having an expensive pool cue can however contribute to making you Better. I know you are wondering how is this but it can and also will this may sound funny to some of you however I know a few of you already know what am talking about.

At that stage in the game, you will know exactly the type of game you play and what you looking for on buying your pool cue stick. You are going to have the knowledge of the game to know if it’s a powerful hitting cue you wish on buying or a skilled cue till for all your trick plays in the game.

Getting any of the above mention cues in the best quality is obviously going to play on a way better scale than a lower-quality one. Some pool sticks give more power while others provide more spin, getting the best version that matches your game format will definitely improve your game.

This may seem a bit like a fairytale story to some but to others, I am sure you will get what am about to say. Most professional players of the game know that when you are one of the highly expensive cues it will generate a level of high confidence and faith towards that cue stick and that is a key to playing and a beneficial factor in the game. Confidence Win games I can tell you that for sure and other players can testify to that as well, having confidence in their expensive cue stick.

An expensive cue will have a lot more detailed features and will play much smoother than the cheap ones, so basically, that plus confidence is key to playing better.

How Long Will An Expensive Pool Cue Last?

This is the next popularly asked question, how long an expensive pool cue will last? For one, it will last ten times longer than the cheaper cues for sure. A good pool cue can last you for years upon years however, the shaft will wear so the shaft on the cue must change no matter how well you maintain the shaft. The next thing is a lot of people will have a different Priceline in mind for what is expensive and what is not.

I would say that above the five hundred limits would be considered calling expensive when buying a pool cue. I know some of you probably disagree and some will be on that budget for high-end cue sticks. The point I am really trying to get across is that the butt end half of the cue will last longer than the shaft of the cue is a given fact but you will get your money’s worth of usage from it.

Last but not least if you do not take proper care of your cue it will lose its life span and will not last anywhere as close to how long it should last. Not because you think you spend a thousand on the cue it will last no matter the care it gets, remember even iron rusts.

Custom Pool Cue sticks

These cue’s price range can start as low as one thousand and scale as high as a hundred thousand and over. These pool cues are specially made and will have a very low amount of their editions. these cues now are what we would now call collectibles pool cues and trophy cues, we just win some of them and hang them up giving them minimal playing usage.

The cues that are over a thousand to five thousand are more popular than the ones that you will see over that budget. These types are just the highest value cues within each brand made and model, these types are mostly owned by hardcore pool lovers of the game like me, however, I don’t think ill go over five thousand but it’s in your budget feel free to be rocking a one in the island pool cue stick.

The Price Tag’s Play in Pool Cue Performance

Ultimately, the value of expensive pool cues boils down to individual preferences, playing style, and commitment to the game. While they often tout superior craftsmanship and precision, the decision rests on aligning the cue’s features with your skill level and dedication. Consider your priorities and budget before diving into the realm of premium cues—sometimes, the worth lies beyond the price tag.

I do hope you have enjoyed my article on Are Expensive Pool Cues Worth The Money , I hope you learned a few things to take in mind about why it’s going to be worth the money for some and why it won’t. Having the right pool cue to use will definitely increase your playing abilities in the game of pool however having the right pool cue does not mean it has to be expensive.

For some players like a noobie to the game, the cheap pool cues will be much better to start off with just so you can get a feel of the different types of cues out there and how each pool cue plays. After you have passed that stage then it may be worth it to upgrade to a more expensive cue because by then you will know the type of pool game you like to play.

So right there and then you will know to get the perfect pool cue for the type of game you want to use it for. I know it can be popular to hear a person say that getting an expensive pool cue is better but the truth is it can be better and it can be a waste of money if the user does not have the talent to use it.

The bottom line is it will last longer for sure and have loads of kicking features than a cheaper one but it will all depend on where you are at as the player itself.  My advice is for an amateur-level player it is not worth the money yet but for intermediate and professional players that know what they are going for, it will be worth the buy.