How To Play Bank Pool Like a Pro? (Learn The 6 Basic Rules)

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Playing pool is one of the most interesting recreations. Apart from its stress-relieving effects of it, it also serves the purpose of increasing your focus and concentration. Bank pool is a simple enough game for beginners. The main intention here is to get a called ball into a called cushion while ensuring that it bounces off a cushion.

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The game of bank pool is a very fun type of pool game to be playing, it is played with two-player or a team of two. It is common that most mid-level and upwards players of the game of pool when practising their bank pool shots would normally play this type of pool game to increase their banking abilities at a faster paste.

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The main focus of this game to the player or team that has the most score or points will be the victor of the game. At the beginning of the game, a score will be set and whichever team or player reaches that score first wins, a point will be added to your scoreboard whenever you legally pocket the selective ball you have chosen.

How To Play Bank Pool?

For a ball to be legally pocketed ball must hit the cushions and then be pocketed into the selective pocket if the ball is been played straight into the pocket that would be a foul play as well. Bank pool can be played with 9 balls or 15 balls, so basically you can rack the game like an 8 or 9-ball pool the only difference is that the game does not have to be wracked in any special way.

When playing with 9 balls the winning score would be 5 points and when using 15 balls the winning score would be 8 points. A point will be added to the player that excites his or her bank shot legally, to spice the game up you can even reduce points when a player fouls or scratches in the game however that feature is optional.

Bank Pool GamePlay

Bank pool begins like any normal pool game with the white cue ball behind the head string of the table. To choose who gets the first play both players can either flip a coin or use the lag system to determine who gets to be the breaker of the game.

On the breaking of the game, at least 2 or more of the objective ball must hit the cushions if not the opposing player gets the option to either continue the game as it is or ask for a re-rack of the game and break over. If a player breaks the game and pockets an objective ball on the table no points will be added because it’s the break shot, on the other hand, you will get to continue your turn and the score starts counting up from thereon.

A player gets a point whenever they legally pocket a ball in the format of a cue ball hits the objective ball then hits the cushions/bank then to the selective pocket without scratching the white cue ball. A player turns ends whenever they fail their attempt of pocketing a there chosen ball.


  • You pocket the white cue ball
  • Any ball on the pool table going off the pool table
  • In a ball-in-hand event, you place the cue ball in front of the head string and make any shot
  • Three consecutive fouls will lead to an automatic loosing of the game
  • If the play is not obvious and you did not call the pocket shot

Safety Plays

Safe plays are allowed in the bank pool, by making the cue ball hit the objective ball directly without hitting any other balls in its path, the ball must then be pocketed or at least another objective ball must hit the cushions/rails for the shot to become legal. Sinking an objective ball straight without banking it first is not a foul play however it will end your game turn thus giving the opposing player the next play.

Spotting Balls In Bank Pool

The most common reasons for this are when balls are been played off the table, the ball will be then spotted at the foot spot on the pool table. When a ball is been spot-placed it should be frozen still before attempting to play that ball otherwise it will be a foul play.

What Is An Illegally Pocketed Ball?

Any ball that is pocketed without being banked beforehand is known as an illegally pocketed ball. There should be none of the following:

  • Kick shots
  • Carrom shots
  • Kiss shots
  • Combination shots

What Is Legal Pocketing Of A Ball?

A ball is considered to be pocketed legally if the following criteria are met:

  • The ball is pocketed due to a bank shot.
  • The shot was previously called, clearly.
  • It has not come in contact with the cue ball more than once.

How To Spot Balls That Have Been Pocketed Illegally?

If a ball has been illegally pocketed you will now have to spot it.  You simply need to place it in the foot spot of the table.  Now if there is already a ball in that spot or if there are multiple balls that need to be spotted in the same position, spot them all in a line directly below the foot spot, moving towards the foot of the table.

Balls that have been spotted must be frozen to other object balls, except the cue ball.

Is Playing Bank Pool Complicated?

It might seem such in the beginning, but you will surely get the hang of the game as you keep practicing it. The key is focus, practice, and passion for the game.

Closing Thoughts

Thanks for reading our article on how to play bank pool, we try to keep things as simple as possible so that everyone can learn the easier way to play. Bank pool is very good to play when practicing your bank shots in the game of pool, we do hope you enjoyed reading and that you have learned a thing or two about the game.

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