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We have for you the absolute best pool cues under $500. Take a look at some options we have. You are sure to like some of them. Get only the best for you

The fact that you are here simply means that you are a true lover of the game of pool like myself and wish to up your pool stick to one you won’t see on a daily bases. On reaching a certain level of the game, we don’t want to look like the average amateur or mid-level player using the same tools, we tend to want to upgrade our pool cue sticks to a more accurate or designer pool cue just for the love of the sport and image as well, giving off a more dangerous look.

Below I will be listing a list of the best pool cues under $500 that’s on the amazon market platform, these cues are all professional using pool cues and are not recommended for you if you are at an amateur stage of the game.  All cues are all high-end and high performances pool cues just bursting with features.

Best Pool Cues Under $500

Pool CuesRatingsPrice
Meucci SB3-G Handcrafted Billiards Pool Cue Stick + PRO ShaftEditors ChoiceCheck Price
LUCASI Limited Edition Luxe Hybrid LUX LHT89 Fusion Pool Cue stickBest Under $500Check Price
Predator BK3 Break Cue with Sport WrapBest Break CueCheck Price
McDermott G-Series G-Core Pool Cue Stick G210 Most InexpensiveCheck Price

1. Meucci SB3-G Handcrafted Billiards Pool Cue Stick + PRO Shaft – Editors Choice

Best Pool Cues Under $500

The SB3 pool cue stick, these cues of this high-end brand line are said to be limited editions basically the amount that out there in the market will remain the same. I have used this pool cues once in my life, it was a close friend of mine that had or I should say have this because I know he not selling this cue anytime soon.

The little time I used it I would say its everything you are expecting from a high-quality pool cue, it’s probably a little lighter than I thought but that’s about the only fault I found with this pool stick. When I tell you this cue stick is durable I mean heirloom durable, this is pool stick that can be passed down and be rotated by the family.

The design of this is well crafted it carries the Lacquer coated black linen with some white specks, steel pin joints, green laminated inlays, a smokey gray outlook at the butt of the cue and last but not least the Meucci Pro Shaft.


  • Lacquer coated
  • Meucci Pro Shaft
  • Natural stain forearm
  • Checkered silver rings
  • Hand Crafted
  • Super durable
  • Designed for competitive games


  • A bit more construction could have been added to its design for the value.



2. LUCASI Limited Edition Luxe Hybrid LUX LHT89 Fusion Pool Cue stick – Best Under $500

Next on our listing is the all famous Lucasi pool cue brand not only that it’s the limited edition hybrid.  This pool cue has the most features one can carry for the Priceline, there are no other that can be compared with that is within the same price range like this. If you are on the market looking a pool stick to give the ultimate controlling abilities its best you stop here, the Lucasi is the mater of control and consistency.

It carries a Kamui Pro Soft giving you the maximum ball controlling abilities on the table with an addition of the fusion G5 grip plus the X-Shox Dampening Technology, what better griping system could one ask for. The cue carries a quick-release uni-loc and a custom acid burn collar, like most the lucasi pool cues the shaft is a low deflection shaft as well.


  •  Upgrade radial TSC construction
  • Low Deflection Hybrid shaft
  • 4-piece Cue Butt Construction
  • Kamui Pro Soft Tip
  • Zero Flex Slim
  • Quick-Release Uni-loc Joints
  • Acid Burn Collar
  • Fusion G5 Grip
  •  X-Shox Dampening Technology
  • Durable


  • Beware of the Rubber, make sure its first upon arrival



3. Predator BK3 Break Cue with Sport Wrap – Best Break Cue

The true king when it comes to power, like the name it carries the same hunting features to eliminate its opponents and provides the best quality breaks one can get from a pool cue stick of its kind. The butt end carries a superb gripping system boosting the amount of power one gets to drive through the cue on and in the cue ball.

This pool cue stick is a 100% break cue and should be only used for the breaking of the game, the stick is pure brute power and is not recommended for playing a full game with. So if you are on the market looking a power house breaking pool stick you got a leading winner right here.


  •  BK Phenolic Break Tip
  • C4 technology
  •  4 piece butt construction
  • Superb Power
  • Carbon Core
  • Durable
  • Sport Wrap


  • Not recommended for regular gameplays



4. McDermott G-Series G-Core Pool Cue Stick G210 – Most Inexpensive

Another high-quality pool cue that’s no stranger to the field of high performance, the McDermott G-series pool cue will not disappoint. The shafts on the McDermott cues are said to be some of the most know pool cues in the billiard industry that gives exactly what you are expecting from a good quality pool cue.

These pool cues are crafted with exotic and other quality wood structures in the construction of these its one of the reasons they pack some of the most expensive cues in the industry. My personal opinion is to get this masterpiece from now because I know the price will change to a higher cost soon due to the number of high-end features this pool cue has to offer and give.


  • CT Technology
  •  G-Core shaft
  •  Carbon fiber ferrule core
  • Maximum impact properties
  •  Radial Consistency
  •  High-performance
  • Durable
  • Great Design
  • G210


  • Check the tip on arrival to see if it’s used or damage
  • Only one design and look


Buying Guide

When ordering a pool cue stick online, make sure you double-check the ounce that you are making the purchase on just to see that you are getting the right one of your choosing. On or listing with the Best Pool Cues Under $500 we try to provide the best out that suites the type of stick and gameplay the cue are for, however, you can ask for a change if you prefer a different one.

Always check your product once it has arrived at your destination of delivery as soon as possible to see if any mistakes had taken place because that does occur from time to time.


Thanks for reading our review on the top 4 Best Pool Cues Under $500  that’s on Amazon today, I do hope you like the selections and again these pool cues are not beginners friendly pool cue to be using at an amateur level of the game. If you are new please go check out the buyers guide in the main menu, we have the best for amateur, mid-level and professional playing level players of the game.