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A pool table can vary much cost between the range of $500 to as much as $15000, the main reason for the huge price difference is the type of material used to build the pool tables. The different materials that are been used on the different pool tables will play a major part in how long that pool table lasts as well.

I know it’s common that most people usually purchase a pool table that’s in the cheaper price range due to financial budgets but the durability of the different price range pool tables won’t be anything close in comparison. For starters, the pool tables that cost in the range of $500 to $1300 would predict to last a year to 6 years the most, the reason for these is that the manufacturers tend to use cheaper grade wood or laminate in their frame or poor quality slates.

I am not sayings you cannot buy it there but just be aware of how long it will last over time using it especially if it’s a family pool table that’s at home and will be used by all age groups. So if you are on a tight budget but you still want to buy a pool table for your games or family and you just looking a small term thing then this Priceline is just about perfect for you, however, the cheaper you go under $1000 the lest it will last.

How Much Does a Pool Table Cost

An average good-quality pool table will cost between the range of $1300 to $2500, and this Priceline is also where most persons looking to buy a pool table will feel comfortable spending. The table quality of this budget can and will last at least a decade and that right there is your money well spent my friend.

Factors That Increase the Pricing Of a Pool table

  • The number one factor is the Slate thickness and how many pieces are been used to construct the pool table.
  • The type of wood material that’s been used on it
  • The design of the table as well as decor
  • Cabinet material
  • The felt material quality

To get a quality graded pool table with a built-up of all these components at the highest grade would normally be in the Priceline of $2500 to $5000 on a regular. It may seem pricey at first or to the normal but if you know your tables you will know real value when you see it in person.

Pool tables that are within these Priceline are mostly been passed down to their younger generations as gifts or heirloom artifacts, that’s to show you real quality and true durability. If you are looking to purchase one you can feel free to check my review out with the best pool tables under $3000, you can find them by clicking the main menu button and select buyers guide.

Last but not least the high-value pool tables know to be heirloom pool tables that would range from $5000 to as much as $15000. These pool tables are graded from pure exotic wood of the highest grade and will most likely carry embellishments like semi-precious gems crafted on them.

Pool Table Buying Guide

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When buying a pool table the size will also play a part in how much the table is going to cost, there is a wide variety of table sizes out there, from tabletop pool tables to all American 9ft pool tables. It is obvious that a bigger pool table will take more material built than a smaller one thus costing more.

A standard home model pool table is mostly made from MDF, with an MDF if not a similar bed would be used to construct them. Those pool tables are cheaper ones that will range from $500 to $1300, they are ok to use and practice on but would not be wise to use on a professional level.

Tournament pool tables are normally slated however a slate bed pool table will cost a lot more than the regular beds it is also heavier. Solid woods are generally used on their type of table rather than MDF which would be the richest in quality made if you can afford slate you will most definitely not regret the investment.

Factors That Determine Buying A Pool Table

Some of the factors we will be taking into consideration are :


This is probably one of the first things you should consider.  Your budget will determine whether or not you need a pool table in the first place and also the kind of table.  Pool tables range from 500$ – 15000$.  So consider your needs before you invest in one.

Size of the table

The table you wish to purchase must fit comfortably in your home.  A pool table that covers almost the whole room makes no sense at all.  Ensure there is enough space to move around the table and also for proper storage of the cues and balls.

Purpose of purchase

You must select your pool table according to who will be using it.  If you are a beginner, a smaller table could suffice, with average quality felt and slate.  This will serve you well as you are learning the tricks.  Mid-range pool tables are meant for everyday use or if you intend to have a pool bar where the table will be used by multiple persons.  Luxury pool tables are also available in the market.  They come with a lifetime guarantee and are often the choice of professional pool players.


Always ensure you are buying from a reputed manufacturer.  This does not imply that it has to be an expensive pool table, rather it must be an original that will last a while.

Consider Moving And Installing

In general, moving a pool table costs anywhere from 25$ – 500$ depending on the size of the table and the distance over which it has to be transported.  You should consider these costs before selecting a pool table.  Also ensure that the installation of the table and its accessories is carried out carefully.

Short Summary

Thanks for reading our blog on How Much Does a Pool Table Cost we do hope that we have provided some valuable information that is beneficial to you. Also, if you are looking to buy a pool table feel free to check out our review on best under $2000 and $3000 in the buyer’s guide in the main menu.