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Check Out The Best Pool Cues Under 200$ Before A Game

Best Pool Cues

Need a pool cue on a budget? With us, you need not worry. Check out the Best Pool Cues Under $200 and pick one that wont burn a hold in your little pocket.

A pool cue is obviously the most important part when it comes to playing pool.  If you are planning to invest in one you should make sure that it is the perfect one for you because a pool cue is usually a long time investment.  You might spend a number of hours practicing with your pool cue and at the end of it, if you realize that you need to change it, that might lead to a lot of frustration.  So do not make the mistake of investing in a pool cue that is not appropriate.  

Pool cues can vary much go up to the price of what a supercar would cost, sadly we will not be making a list of those pool cues in this review, we will be only listing the Top 10 Best Pool Cues Under $200.  All pool cues that are about to be listed are all beginners, intermediate and professional using friendly pool cues. If you are not one to own a pool cue for your self as yet but you love the cue sport game I would recommend that any selection from this list would be very suitable.

Some persons don’t really see how important it is of having their own pool cue stick, some persons will gradually be asking there self why am I taking so long to get as good as that other person but what they may lack to see is that if you are serious about the game you need your own pool cue.

The confidence that you will develop in your own pool cue stick you won’t have in any other and that right there is true confidence and this is very important in all cue sport games. Below I will be listing the top ten best pool cues under $200 that will definitely boost your game to the next level in no time, these pool cues will give the best playing impact for a pool cue of this Priceline.

Top 10 Best Pool Cues Under $200

Best Pool CuesRatingsPrice
Players Technology Series HXT15 Best Pool Cue Under $200Check Price
Viper Desperado 58-Inch FreedomEditors ChoiceCheck Price
Cuetec Graphite Series 58″ Pool CueWeight AdjustableCheck Price
Viking Valhalla Pool Cue 58″ Billiards StickDesigners ChoiceCheck Price
RAGE Heavy Hitter Jump Break Cue – 25oz 3 Piece Pool StickBest Break/Jump Cue Under $200Check Price
Players Classic Birds-Eye Maple French LePro TipCheck Price
ASKA Set of 5 Wrapless L3 Billiard Pool Cues, 58 Super 5 Adult Set Under $200Check Price
Aska Mixed Length Cues LS Pool Cue SetFamily PackCheck Price
Players Set of 1 Piece Pool Cue Sticks1 Piece Cue SetCheck Price
CUESOUL 58 Inch 19oz Pool Cue Set [Weight Adjustable]Must InexpensiveCheck Price

1. Players Technology Series HXT15  – Best Pool Cue Under $200


Top of the list is the king of low deflection the one and only Players Technology HXT15, with its upgraded technology shaft. This pool cue will reduce the squirting level density from the cue stick to the cue ball and well, it’s well technologized and was well built. It is safe to say that none has the features and capabilities of what this pool cue has to offer you especially for the price of what this cost.

The shaft on this pool cue was crafted from hard rock maple wood and treated with nelsonite making it anti-atmospheric resistance, it’s not done there as well a special finishing of epoxy was added on its finishing coat to prevent warping and build up moisture. As you can see from the look of things the creators of this cue built a very durable pool cue so that we can all feel a sense of comfort purchasing this cue knowing its warp easily.

This cue Carries a  Kamui Black tip which gives a great deal of everything to the cue ball like good spin, power, and accuracy. Again a great selection, the only thing I dislike about this is that the only give one look and design to this pool cue but the one look is pretty much unique and looks good however they should give us a new look to the design.

Image result for Best Pool Cues


  • Low Deflection
  • Unique Design
  • Custom Irish Linen Wrap
  • Special Epoxy Finishing
  • Not easy warp
  • Kamui Black Tip
  • Stainless steel Joints
  • Slimline Implex Butt Cap
  • Durable


  • The tip is easy to worn out and gets misshaped


2. Viper Desperado 58-Inch Freedom – Editors Choice


Best Pool Cues Under $200

Viper pool cues are good cue sticks to use but this one, in particular, is my personal favorite out of them all, it plays very smoothly. This eye-catching pool cue was crafted from graded Canadian maple wood and also has pure genuine leather components. I am sure choosing this pool cue will be worth the selection as well, there are loads of viper cues on the market but trust me on this one, it does not disappoint.

This cue stick features lightweight stainless steel joints and has a genuine leather wrap what that does is to reduce all frictions with your contact ball effect. As I mentioned before this is a very smooth cue stick it also has a removable scuffer.

The only thing with there pool sticks is that the manufactures only design one single design and look to the cue that the only dislike I have with most of them. My personal recommended ounce is a 19oz but if you personally prefer your own selective choice no problem then but if this your first time around buying a pool cue I would recommend that to start off with.


  • 13mm Le Pro leather tip
  • Removable scuffer
  • 100% genuine leather wrap
  • Durable
  • If you wish to customize your cue they offer the service
  • Eve catching design
  • Smooth gameplay


  • Not weigh adjustable



3. Cuetec Graphite Series 58″ Pool Cue – Weight Adjustable –


The Cuetec Graphite pool cue stick, this is said to be one of the most popular pool cues out there on the market in the world. A cue like this are mostly used by professional pool players, and the reason for that is because a noob would just look on this and buy it based on the plain look it has. But, do not let the plain look fool you, this cue has some of the most high-end features a pool cue can carry for its budget.

It compacts a weigh adjustable system so that adjusting for a better feel on the cue is as simple as 1,2,3. Another cool feature that adds to the comfortable feeling is the veltex grip, that specif grip will not only feel firm in the hand but also reduce the moisture from the hands as well.

The tip of this a Tiger Everest Multi-layer tip which is fully layered on a  Polycarbonate ferrule. The price of this pool cue keeps going upwards every time they ran out of stock and restock it, my best bet is to get it from now before the price goes too far because this a great cue stick to be used as well.


  • Veltex Grip
  • Good design
  • Patented S.S.T
  • Tiger Everest Tip
  • Polycarbonate ferrule
  • Adjustable weight
  • Low deflection


  • Once you have removed the rubber it’s then hard to hold back on the cue without moving or shaking.
  • Easy to run out of stock.



4. Viking Valhalla Pool Cue 58″ Billiards Stick – Designers Choice


Number 4 on our list is the Viking Valhalla pool cue stick, this cure very designers friendly it comes with a selection of over 10 different colors and design. The thing I like the most about this billiard stick is the fact it comes with a 13mm medium leather tip. Unless you are sure about the type of game your playing or would wish to play it would be the best to stick with a medium tip density, it gives better control and a good amount of power at the same time.

The shaft on the cue was well built it’s crafted with North American Maple Wood and has a pr-taper as well. This Viking cue carries a high impact ferrule as well as resin super durability. Not gonna lie this is a pretty good cut for the price it has, getting this cue stick should be a problem it’s good graded and has a few high-end features and durability.


  • 13mm medium tip
  • Ultra Violet Urethan
  • Over 10 color and design to choose from
  • High Impact ferrule
  • Durable


  • Easy to run out of stock



5. RAGE Heavy Hitter Jump Break Cue – 25oz 3 Piece Pool Stick – Best Break/Jump Cue Under $200 –


The break/jump aster pool cue stick, this is more likely for an intermediate or professional playing player of the game usage. This should not be a beginner’s first choice of choosing however, its perfect for one looking a jump cue or a great breaking stick to open the game with. To what I have seen so far with this break stick it has some great feedback about how well it plays and is very accurate on the jumps shots as well, it holds the number 1 spot now.

Unfortunately, this cue has no wrap on it but that’s also a good factor it gives the true feel with every shot you to take.  So if you are looking for a good break or jump pool cue stick within this budget line  I would highly recommend this one for you. It comes in five different colors as well it doesn’t have a different design to it but it’s color friendly, the colors cute as well not the average cheap-looking colo looks.


  • Turbo Loc
  • It carries a 14mm Phenolic jump break tip
  • 25oz  ( Heavy)
  • Colour friendly
  • Durable
  • No Wrap
  • White Implex joint collar


  • Wrong color delivery may take place
  • Check the tip on arrival



6. Players Classic Birds-Eye Maple – French LePro Tip – 


Another Player’s brand that should not be taken lightly, the Player Classic Bird-Eye pool cue stick has some amazing and high-quality features of its own. Am not positive how long this pool cue will be in this price for because its a really good cue to be using no matter what playing level of the game you are at, The cue has a slip-free grip and nothing is better than having that at your disposal to get the true power and accuracy hits.

The design was well structured, it even has a special extra finishing coat stabilizer to protect your cue from atmospheric changes and other stuff that could easily affect your pool cue on a normal base.  For the cost, I would say nothing stands in its way of competing when it comes to quality, the wood used on this cue is the North American hard rock maple Wood and we know that the purest wood used on high-end pool cues.


  • North American hard rock maple wood built.
  • Coated with Nelsonite
  • High-gloss “Super UV Finish
  • Anit Climate Change Resistance
  • Great design
  • Durable
  • Sleek wrapless handle
  •  French LePro Tip
  •  Slip-free grip
  • Genuine double-pressed Irish linen wrap


  • Shaft warping quickly due to a manufactural fault on some, so check the cue properly when delivered to you.



7. ASKA Set of 5 Wrapless L3 Billiard Pool Cues, 58 – Super 5 Adult Set Under $200


When looking around for commercial using cues or even a set that the family can use a home this ASKA set of 5 pool cues is just what you will be needing. The set comes with five different colors also so everyone can choose a color the like best and no one cue stick will be confused with the other. All side is an adult size that’s the only thing I don’t really like about the set it should at least have one junior cue within the set of five.

There will be 18oz to 21oz including two 19 oz withing this set, all cues are 58 inches long with a shaft of 29′. These pool cues were crafted form Canadian Hard Rock Maple wood which would be A graded material as well, with everything aside this a good using set of billiard sticks that plays well especially for the coast of the 5.


  • Wrapless
  • Mixed Weight
  • Set Of 5
  • Hardrock Maple
  • Stainless Steel Joints
  • Rubber Bump


  • Only Adult Size Included



8. Aska Mixed Length Cues LS Pool Cue Set – Family Pack


Next on the list is another Aska brand but this one is best suited for all age lines of the family, the different lengths will be available for as long as they are over 10 years old. The lengthy cues are  36″, 42″, 48″, 52″, so the whole family can get their game on without having to try to adjust to a length that’s uncomfortable to them not only that but the different lengths are good to use when in difficult angles as well. This pool cue set is exceptional to have at your home or for public uses anywhere it makes the environment more player-friendly.

The set of 4 cues contains a black nylon wrap which gives a pretty much good hold and feels to you cues stick and contains a rubber bumper at the top as well. The tip on these are all 13mm hard tip, it will last much longer than the rest but it’s not really a player-friendly tip to be used from my prospection in the game but as long as it is not super hard it won’t be as dificult to use.


  • 4 Different Length Cues 36″, 42″, 48″, 52″
  • Stainless Steel Joint
  • Canadian Hard Rock Maple Shafts
  • 13mm Hard Le Pro Tip
  • Regas Wood Spliced Maple
  • Nylon Wrap
  • Durable


  • Only one design and look



9. Players Set of 1 Piece Pool Cue Sticks – 1 Piece Cue Set


We all know and can agree that some persons will definitely prefer to use a one-piece cue stick especially it’s a cue that’s going to always be at one location most if not all the time. A 1 piece set is best used for commercial use and will also be fitting for home usage as well, it’s safer at commercial using places because unlike the 2 pieces that can easily be taken apart and be stolen the one-piece cannot do so.

This one-piece set is 100% North American Hard Rock Maple Wood built so in terms of long-lasting this is the best bet already upfront. For more protection, it has a high gloss special finish that reduces aging and linen ring around the base to prevent against cracking up easily.


  • 58″ Length Cues
  • High-impact fiber ferrule
  • All are 1 piece cues
  • Premium Elk Master tip
  • Linen rings
  • High gloss finish
  • 100% North American Hard Rock Maple Wood
  • Very Durable


  • Only comes in a set of 4 or 8 and most the time they are out of stock



10. CUESOUL 58 Inch 19oz Pool Cue Set [Weight Adjustable] – Must Inexpensive – 


Last on our list is the most inexpensive cue set on the market that actually makes sense although this is more a beginner-friendly pool cue stick. The set comes with one traveling case, a cuesoul pool stick, and a cleaning towel so at the start you basically have a good start with this buy. The set is really color friendly as well and has a lot of colors to choose from. This is an easy buy for anyone so if your un a tight budget but you need a cue this would be ideal for you but only if you at a beginner’s level of the game.


  • Lots of colors to choose from
  • Free case master, the joint protector and cleaning towel included
  • Linen thread wrap
  • Canadian Maple Wood
  • Union design decal butt
  • Weight Adjustable


  • Slight chance it may arrive damaged so please check upon delivery sight.



Best Pool Cues Under $200 – Buying Guide

When looking to buy the Best Pool Cues Under $200 there are a few things you should intake and do when ordering them. First, you should totally be aware of the ounce that you are pressing to buy now on because a lot of times persons make this mistake then the wrong ounce pool cue stick will be delivered so please be aware of that when buying or ordering online.

Always look to see if there are color options if not, the color you see in front of you will be the obe you will receive as well. Check tip size as well so that you order a wrong size tip, all these will defiantly make ordering online much better and less space for mishaps.

If its a gift you bought for loved ones or friend please check the item to see if the item has any damage or faults so that you can exchange the item and get it back in time, remember mistakes do make by everyone.

How To Care For Pool Cues

  • Do not lean on your pool cues as that will lead to long term damage to its structure and alignment.
  • Store pool cues in a pool cue rack and do not leave them leaning against the wall.
  • If you tend to carry your pool cues around, invest in a good quality pool cue case where you can store the shaft and the butt of the pool cues separately.
  • Never use any kind of oil or liquid to clean your pool cues.
  • Inspect your pool cue tips regularly to ensure they are functioning well.
  • Inspect the shaft and butt of your pool cue as well from time to time.
  • You can also get a professional to take a look at your pool cue from time to time.  This will greatly increase the longevity of them.
  • Use different pool cues for different parts of the game.  Professional players use different cues for breaking and a different one during the course of the game.  This keeps both tips and cues healthier.
  • Save your pool cues from direct sunlight, moisture or UV rays as all of them will end up destroying the wood of your pool cue.

Thanks for reading our special selection of Best Pool Cues Under $200 I do hope you have found a suitable pool cue that would be best for you. All cues above are all good pool cues to be using at an intermediate playing level of the game and we added the best commercial pool cues and home set also. For higher-quality pool cues check HQ Pool Cues for a better selection listing, Thanks again for reading.