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This is our updated list of the best pool cues under $300 that are available to you. These professional tools will give you an edge against your opponents.

If it has been a while for you at the game and you are now looking to upgrade your pool cue, you should be sure you have the best suggestions at hand.

Pool cues are not something you buy every other day, so you need to be sure that your investment will pay off in the time to come.

Now you could choose to do the research by yourself.  However, why take the bother when we have already done half the job for you?

Best pool cues under $300

Pool CuesRatingsPrice
Cuetec Graphite Series 58″ 2-Piece Pool CueEditors ChoiceCheck Price
McDermott 58inch GS-Series GS08 Best pool cue under $300Check price
Players Technology Series HXT30 Pool Cue Grip TechnologyCheck Price
Purex HXT-65 Antique Birds-EyeDesigners ChoiceCheck Price
Viper Desperado 58″ Lightweight Stainless steel jointsCheck Price

We all know and can agree that our pool cue sticks are the most important factors of the game, a good cue will not just only look good in your hand while playing, it will also increase the skill level of your game. Here on our list today we have composed a list of the best pool cues under $300 that we know for a fact will do a job well done, all the cues that are about to be mentioned in this are also well fitted for tournament league.

1. Cuetec Graphite Series 58″ 2-Piece Pool Cue – Editors choice

Best Pool Cues Under $300

I don’t know if this pool cue stick is magical or what, but just by holding this pool cue in your hand you can feel the professionality of this cue in your hand. It may not stand out like how you may see some other pool cues are but in person, this cue is well crafted.

My friend demar has been using his cue like this for over 5 years now and trust me, it still plays all the shots as smoothly and accurately as it was when it was just been bought. The Cuetec graphite series pool cue also has an adjustable weight bolt system for fast and easy adapted weight changes that may need to be adjusted in the game.

The grip of this is veltex grip made, it gives a sturdy and firm grip, more than comfortable in the hand also works well with sweaty hands players too.


  • All-purpose cue
  • Low deflection
  • Great on long shots
  • Great for breaking in games
  • Adjustable weight
  • True strike feeling with every strike
  • beautiful design


  • Rarely in stock
  • Don’t try to twist the rubber


2. McDermott 58inch GS-Series GS08 Two-Piece Pool Cue                       Best pool cue under $300 


This pool cue is another hands-on friendly cue stick, the beauty of this cue is very eye-catching as well. The McDermott Brand is an American brand label, all the cues are been manufactured in their country, the cues are well crafted and design with some high-quality features intact.

This cue also includes a 13mm medium-hard triangle tip that is made from a special water buffalo, chrome tanned leather, which would add an extraordinary control. This cue as yet to dis-satisfy its owner, I’ve never seen a complaint about this pool cue thus far.


  • Special water buffalo
  • Low Deflection
  • Good on English shots
  • heavy gauge stainless steel pins
  • True Control
  • Great design


  • Low availabilities


3. Players Technology Series HXT30 Pool Cue Style                                 Grip Technology


The Players Technology series cue is another personal favorite of mine, I’ve played with this cue quite a few times now. It’s a full compact cue stick with all the great detailed features added into it, it’s designed with a high-tech shaft enhancement with a super low-deflection ferrule and Kamui Blacktip.

The standard available ounces for this cue are 18-20.05 ounces, the tipis 12.75 mm, which gives great control abilities on the cue ball, without reducing the power of the shot as well.


  • Special lightweight polymer core
  • Low deflection
  • Superior grip, spin, and durability
  • Irish linen wrap
  • Great design
  • Kamui Black Soft Layered Tip


  • Not for beaking


4. Purex HXT-65 Antique Birds-Eye Maple Pool Cue Stick                     – Designers Choice 


This pool cue stick is a very unique cue, it’s available 18 – 21 ounces in half-ounce increments as well. The tip is Kamui Black soft tip, this will alter more cue ball control and accuracy. Players tend to love the design on this particular cue, it stands out in the open but still not too much if you know what am saying.

The durability on this cue is also great, if am not wrong most suppliers tend to give a lifetime warranty on this cue stick. the shaft of this cue is topped with a 10-layer laminated leather Kamui Black soft tip, with sleek a wrap less handle for a true feeling on the pool cue stick.


  • Kamui Black soft tip
  • Great gameplays
  • Low deflection
  • Smooth feel
  • Good design


  • Not good with sweaty hand persons


5. Viper Desperado 58″ 2-Piece Billiard/Pool Cue                                     Lightweight Stainless steel joints 


The viper Desperado cue gives a heavier feeling in the hand, which would provide more power to the cue, the design of this cue was well crafted and is made from quality hard Canadian Maple wood. This cue also features a lightweight stainless steel joint which provides less frictions within plays, the cue also includes a removable scuffer.

The standard ounces available for this cue is 18-21 ounces and would have a 13mm Le Pro leather tip, the wrap of the cue is 100% genuine leather wrap which would give you none the less the best grip you can get on a cue.


  • Removable scuffer
  • Good breaking cue
  • Unique design
  • Lightweight stainless steel joints
  • 100% Genuine leather wrap


  • Only one design

Cue Maintenance Tips

Here are a few handy tips that will help you keep your pool cues in good shape.  There is no saying how long they will last, but following these tips will surely add some time to your pool cues:

  • Ask an expert or a professional to change your cue tip.  This will ensure the job is done properly and no damage occurs while changing the cue tip.
  • Store your cues in a pool cue holder with an additional cover to it.  Do not keep them leaning against the wall for a long time as this will cause warping of the wood.
  • Ensure that the pool cues are not exposed to extreme temperatures.  Too hot or cold temperatures are detrimental to the wood of the pool cue.
  • Do not use your playing cue to break as that could also lead to damaging your cues.  Use separate cues for different parts of the game.
  • Do not use oil or any other liquid cleaner on your pool cues as they might damage the wood as well.

Short Summary

It doesn’t matter which pool cue above you choose, they all stand out to be the Best pool cues under $300 that we have seen in action. My team and I are real lovers of the game pool, so we try to provide the best options for persons looking to get a good personal cue stick on there own.

The list above are the ones that we saw fit and ideal for the money’s worth, there are many ranges of pool cues out there to choose from, not because the cue may cost $1000 mean its always good, you may just be paying for the high-value material used to create the cue and nothing after, it’s high valuer and no features.

We strive to keep putting out the best buyers options for your money worth, feel free to contact us on our contact form page. We are happy to answer any questions you may have or advice you may need when it comes to the game of pool or cue sticks. If this budget line is still a bit over your set budget it is not a problem we got you covered, see budget-friendly pool cues here.


  • Always check to see if your cue comes straight when the item is been delivered
  • Be sure to check if the tip is damaged or on straight as well
  • Clean your cue after every game
  • Be sure to have a protective travel case

A good pool cue is something that will last a long time, if well maintained.  Also, you surely do not want to keep investing in pool cues, so always ensure that you take good care of them.