Ultimate Guide to the Most Expensive Pool Cue In The World

When it comes to the world of pool cues, craftsmanship meets opulence in the creation of the most expensive ones. From exquisite materials to unparalleled artistry, these cues redefine luxury and precision.

We present to you, the most expensive pool cue in the world. There’s no harm in looking, right? You might even want to buy one if you’re an advanced player.

We truly love the sports pool and we love collecting the different designs and high-end model pool cues that we can get our hands on. However, there are some super expensive ones that can’t be bought that easily, especially the one that stands at the top as the most expensive pool cue in the world.

The pool cue that stands at the top of the listing for the most expensive pool cue in the world is the McDermott  Intimidator.

This pool stick is said to be worth $150,000 USD, it’s definitely a super masterpiece. The cue was crafted in the year 1992 and took approximately 1862 hours out of man labor to handmade its unique build. When you hear the term true masterpiece this would be the perfect example of what the term means.

The Intimidator weighs 9.5 pounds, the large blade is 48 in, and the small blade is 13 inches, those overall lengths would be 63 inches. Like none other this masterpiece has over 210 separate inlays this pool cue stick is on a total next generation of the gods level.

Am sure if I was to see Thor the god of thunder playing pool this is exactly the cue stick that I would imagine seeing him using.

What makes this so expensive you may be asking yourself? The Intimidator pool cue stick has 24k Gold embedded in its design, Genuine Italian Obsidian Gemstone, 112 hand-polished Precious Metal inlays on the handle, and stainless steel of the highest quality as well.

The bottom line is this is nothing you will properly ever see in your years of playing pool even if you are playing on a professional level scale like myself, if you do just consider yourself lucky.

Is It Worth Buying The Most Expensive Pool Cue In The World?

Most Expensive Pool Cue In The World

My personal answer would be yes it’s more than worth it to be the owner of the one-of-a-kind, one of one pool cue stick in the world. Take for example lovers of cars, once you can afford the limited edition cars you will collect the because that’s your joy. In this event, this is the same thing the only thing is that some people will be wondering if it’s just worth buying a pool cue stick that costs $150,000 USD.

I think it is fair pricing even when you check the specs of the cue stick, quality materials like those are not something you are going to see on any pool cue stick.

I guess it will all falls down on if you could afford it and how much you love the custom pool cue sticks. I personally would have this masterpiece hand up in my living area, even if I had never won a game before at least I would still feel satisfied to know that I own the most expensive pool cue stick in the world.

Where Can I Get The Most Expensive Pool Cue In The World?

It is not on action to the open market to buy anymore a private owner had bought it from the official McDermott store. The next thing is you can also send an email to the  McDermott website for any queries on going about buying it I am sure they have the contact for the person or they can guide you in where to look.

Unveiling the Finest: The Most Expensive Pool Cue In The World Revealed

In the realm of pool cues, price tags transcend mere numbers, showcasing the pinnacle of craftsmanship, innovation, and exclusivity. Exploring these luxurious cues illuminates not just their worth but the artistry and dedication behind their creation. Discover the unmatched world of the most expensive pool cue in the world—a realm where sophistication meets precision.

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