How Does A Pool Table Recognize The Cue Ball?

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We have the answer to the question, how does a pool table recognize the cue ball? This is important if you want to advance in the game. Let us teach you.

This is a question that all beginners of the game will be asking, how does a pool table recognize the cue ball and why does it place the cue ball where the other numbered balls are? At a younger age, a simple answer like a little magic trick that the pool table does would simply answer our questions but getting older we would know that there has to be some form of explanation for what’s going on in the pool table.

Pool tables have advanced from where they originally were. Today there are various mechanisms that allow a pool table to identify cue balls.  The physical functions of magnetism and light reflection are commonly employed to equip pool tables with the means of cue ball identification.  This is due to the immense interest in the sport, especially in European countries like France, Great Britain, and Spain.

How Does A Pool Table Recognize The Cue Ball?

There is two main mechanism sequence that the pool table uses to know which ball is to be separated and where should that ball go. The main and most effective way would be a magnetic sequence pull, the cue balls will have a slight magnetic impulse inside them so that the table can easily pick up which ball is which. The pool table itself also has magnetic built-in channels to properly guide the cue ball within its right channel flow.

The other way would be by using the weight system, the cue ball will be a little bit heavier than the normal numbered balls on the pool table. It won’t be something you can see or feel that the cue ball is a bit bigger or heavier than just looking at the cue ball. The pool table can, however, tell the difference in ball weight as soon as a ball has been pocketed in the game. The mechanism of a pool table structure was well crafted and thought about and properly excited with and smart base inside the system.

The bottom line is those are the simple and not too detailed ways on how the pool table knows how the separate the white cue ball from the other numbered balls on the table. If your pool table is not properly levelled it can result in this system not working as accurately as it should so it’s always perfect to make sure your table is well levelled. I know for a fact that some pool table does not need a professional person to install them so for those it’s easy but if your pool table is one of those that will need to be installed by a professional you should seek one.

Are All Pool Balls Of The Same Size?

How Does A Pool Table Recognize The Cue Ball?

This is another question that is frequently asked in the game, it’s common to play in different locations and see like some balls are bigger or smaller. Truth be told are that most billiard sets of balls are more likely the same size and weight, especially the original ones that are used in tournaments with an exception for the cue ball which would be the white ball on the table.

Some cue ball is slightly bigger or smaller than some are but for most of it, the numbered balls are all the same in the pool with a slight difference in the cue ball weights. If you were to say order a custom billiard set that is bigger than the normal size ones used then that set would come with the fitting size cue ball to balance the game with.

Does A Replacement Cue Ball Gets Returned?

Most of the cue balls out there were specially built in a way that the pool table can recognize the difference between the white ball from the other numbered balls. However, they are times especially when the cue ball does not contain the tiny magnets for the pool table to realize and pull the cue ball to its rightful path, it can sometimes confuse the table leading to the wrong channelling of the cue ball.

It’s always perfect when ordering or buying a replacement cue ball to state the exact name of the set of billiard ball brands and name to them so that they can properly instruct you. This is not an often occurring problem but it does happen from time to time when persons replace their cue ball.

The Full Mechanics Of How It’s Done ( Coin Operated Tables)

How To Ensure That Your Pool Table Is Functioning Properly?

If you have a pool table at home, you know the kind of investment it takes to purchase one.  It is hence obvious that you want to keep it at its best.  Take a few tips from us that will help you keep your pool table spanking new always:

  • Regularly fluffing the felt on your pool table will lead to conditioning and maintenance of the felt.
  • Ensure that you keep the felt free of debris or any kind of dust or dirt that might cause an obstruction in the path of the balls.
  • It is a good idea to keep the table covered at times when it is not being used.
  • Maintain the frame and legs of the table as well by regularly dusting them and polishing them once a year.
  • Also, ensure your balls are clean and not laced with dirt because that might also obstruct the sensors.
  • Get a professional’s opinion if you feel that your pool table is not performing as it should be.
  • When you buy a table in itself, ensure that you visit only registered and reputed dealers so you get an original item that will last a while and serve you well.
  • Re felt your pool table has been much in use and has completed more than 5 years of age.  Repeated use might lead to nicks, tears, and skid marks on the felt.

Closing Thoughts

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The different ways How A Pool Table Recognize The Cue Ball from the other numbered balls on the pool table.

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