10 Attractive Cuetec Pool Cues For Pool Players!

Cue Pool is essential for every Billiard enthusiast. Today let’s have a glance at the list of 10 pretty attractive Cuetec Pool Cues for every Billiard player.

What started as a lawn game in the 15th Century inland of British moguls, the United Kingdom is now a fan favourite worldwide. This game has a wide range and levels of players based on expertise on the field. This game is also played on a tournament level other than just a tool of leisure in the casinos.

The item used to play this fascinating board game is called the Cue Pool. It is a stick designed to hit the cue balls in order to proceed in the game. Now there is also a variety in the types of cues manufactured by several companies. One such renowned company is Cuetec. Cuetec has been manufacturing pool cues for over 30 years now. These cue pools have been trusted by thousands of players.

Our Handpicked Collections For Stellar Cuetec Pool Cues Are Below:

  1. Black Graphite Cuetec
    This black Graphite model comes with high-tech maple with 15.5” slim-taper coated with fibreglass and Tiger Everest 10 layered leather laminated pigskin, implex joint and polycarbonate ferrule.
  2. Red Platinum Pool Cue
    This item has been carefully crafted with deluxe hard leather and Veltex wrap with a tip size of 13mm,red and silver in color for giving a refined and elegant look.
  3. Maple Pool Cue Stick
    This is a handpicked North Canadian hard maple wood material with stainless steel joints, it also comes with a kit of joint protectors, 1 billiard towel and blue carrying cue bag.
  4. Diamond Size Pool Cue
    Made out of deluxe hard leather with weight ranging from 18-21Oz, this Cuetec Pool Cue comes in ravishing red color with darker joints,13mm tip size compatible for amateur players.
  5. Power Break Black
    This is a satin black model with Cuetec WCT Break Logo and 13mm break shaft and phenolic ferrule with hard leather layered tip, ideal for professional, tournament and league players.
  6. Canadian Maple Pool Cue
    Comprising of deluxe hard brown leather tip and shaft is made of Grade A plus North American Maple,constructed with composite coating to help straightness coated with fibreglass for smooth stroke.
  7. Gen-Tek Silver Swirl
    Consisting of SST shaft with fiberglass and polycarbonate ferrule and tru-glide finish along with stainless steel collar,trim rings and butt cap with butt cap for extravagant and luxury feeling.
  8. Canadian Breaking Cue
    This one is made up of Tiger Everest 10 layer laminated pigskin tip to provide 360 degree radical consistency and offers high tech shaft which transfers smooth energy for high performance.
  9. CT713 Cuetec Pool
    This model is the latest installation to the market and is a blend of blue and platinum colour with hints of texture and design for giving an attractive look to it.
  10. CT714 Pool Cue
    Yet another wondrous product by Cuetec especially designed with Tiger Everest tip for smooth glide and solid cue ball hit, a perfect choice for people getting into the Billiard game.


Even though the list ends here, your enthusiasm and knack towards the game will remain constant if you have your hands on one more, maybe all the above-mentioned Cuetec Cue Pools. So without wasting any minute, buy yourself a brand new cue pool and glide into the world of cue balls.