5 Outstanding Mizerak Pool Cue!

A Mizerak Pool Cue is an excellent piece of equipment. They are made well and are not prohibitively expensive. The cues are widely used by players. Get one now.

A good pool cue is a very part of playing. A defective or badly made cue can adversely affect anybody’s game. A player, therefore, should use a good cue. Mizerak cues are well crafted and have the proper balance and hitting power.

The game of billiards or pool depends completely on the cue and, of course, the player’s skill. But skill alone will not work if the equipment is not up to scratch. Therefore a good cue is required to add to the skill of the player. Besides, a good cue will mean that the shot planned is executed perfectly with the proper hit. Buying a good cue is, therefore, a very important decision. The look and finish of the cue are also important.


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Playing with a well-crafted cue is an added advantage. The first thing to look for in a cue is to see whether the tip and ferrule are firmly attached to the end of the cue. There must be no cracks in the ferrule or cue wood. The cue tip must not feel hardened at the tip. In this case, the tip will not hold chalk, and there is a chance of miscuing the ball. The most important thing is to check to see whether the cue is straight. Wood is the material and is susceptible to temperature changes, which can result in a cue that is slightly bent. That will result in faulty hits.

Choose a cue that feels right. That means to see if the weight of the cue feels right in your hand. This is very important. Also, see whether the tip hardness feels right for your hit. The length of the cue must be suitable for your height, especially if you are tall. All in all, the best way would be to pick up the cue and see how it feels. If you play regularly, you already know the details of the cue suitable for you.

Our Recommended & Handpicked List For Mizerak Pool Cue:

  1. Mizerak Hardwood Cue
    The Mizerak Hardwood Two-Piece Cue and Case Billiards Combo includes a 57'' 2-piece hardwood cue, a hard cue case, cue tips and ferrules, tip scoffers, and billiard chalk.
  2. Mizerak Hardwood Cue 57
    12mm ferrule with leather tip classic painted handle design with high-gloss finish custom rubber bumper. This is an excellent cue, made from quality wood and finished carefully, for perfect balance.
  3. Mizerak
    13mm fiber Ferrule with 8-layer leather tip. Made with a 25mm stainless steel joint with turbo-lock technology. It comes with a pressed Irish linen wrap. Custom Rubber bumper.
  4. Mizerak 58
    Straight-line composite technology means tha the cue will not warp. The joint is made of aluminium. The finish is smooth matte, colour black. It comes with a Microtac grip.
  5. Mizerak 58
    3mm fibre Ferrule with 8-layer leather tip,25mm stainless steel joint with turbo-lock technology. With a pressed Irish linen wrap. 100 per cent Maple construction with birds eye.


As any player knows, a good cue is extremely important. That is the reason most regular players and professionals have their personal cues. The cue must be right for the player who is going to play with it. The length must be correct, and so must the balance. The tip must also be correct; otherwise, miscues will happen.

Therefore it is vitally important to select the right cue for weight, balance and length. Lastly, the cue must feel right in the hand. Everyone is different in the way they handle a cue.