Lucasi Custom Hybrid Pool Cue Stick Cause Its Worth It

With its comfortable grasp and soild tip, the lucasi custom hybrid pool cue stick is a favourite among many. Get your hands on one too and rule the table.

There is so much to say about this beast of a pool cue stick, the Lucasi Custom Hybrid Pool Cue is none the less the king of the jungle for the Lacasi brand. The price is a bit in the high-range but trust me, you getting your money’s worth with this pool cue stick. If you are a fan of the Lucasi brand you will know of the top of your head that they build some really nice quality cues most definitely built to impress at that.

This direct model is a limited edition when out of stock it is not easily sourced back as quickly as most the other model would be but I try my best to update it once it is out of stock and be back in.  the standard ounce comes in 19oz but can also be adjusted to a weight up to 21oz, even the weight adjustment ounces are just perfect.

This Lucasi pool cue has a Kamui Pro Soft Tip which is not to be used for the breaking of any game, this type of tip superb for all your skill and trick shots in the game. It is sure to let you feel and play like you are a guru pool player due to the maximum control the tip gives you with the cue ball.

I love how they design this cue,  if I was to pull out this cue in public your eyes maybe wouldn’t catch it at first glance but once to rest your eyes on it for at least 10 seconds you will see the true beauty. There is no need to worry I will be getting into the detailed specs below for you guys am not skipping out anything.

Lucasi Custom Hybrid Pool Cue Stick LHC80


Lucasi Custom Hybrid Pool Cue Stick


  • Low deflection
  • TSC
  • Ten-piece radial construction
  • Zero Flexpoint Hybrid shaft
  • Slim shaft
  • Reduces mass sounds
  • Quick-Release Uni-loc Joint
  • High-performance


  • Lizard-embossed black leather wrap
  • Black Implex butt cap
  • Contains a unique four-piece cue butt design
  • High-end gripping abilities


  • 12.75mm
  • Kamui Pro Soft Tip
  • Precise control and consistency with the cue ball plays
  • Made from multiple layers of the highest quality pigskin
  • Special vacuum-sealing


  • The soft tip is easily worn out
  • Not frequently in stock
  • A bit on the expensive side



Short Summary

If you are in the market looking for a durable and skilled pool cue stick that’s under the thousand dollars margin, I would say that the Lucasi Custom Hybrid LHC80 would be your best bet. This pool stick has so much to offer you probably would even pass this down in your family for good luck or just the main reason that its gonna win plenty of games and will execute some super skill shots.

However, if this Priceline is too much for you we have your back am sure you will find something that suits you in best pool cues withing your budget.  Thanks for taking the time out to read this review we do hope you liked it and learned a few things from it as well.