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Keep your pool cue sticks and pool cue balls away from damage. Get the Pool Cue Wall Rack now at a reasonable price! Utilize the smallest of spaces in the pool room.

Does it make sense to leave the pool cue leaned up against a wall or a table and to face the hazard of repairing the same in case it accidentally falls over? Why suffer from the related frustration and monetary loss? Come out of it, go for a suitable cue rack, and enjoy a tension-free return from the board.

How To Store Pool Cues Properly

Often, we underestimate the need for proper storage of pool cues.  Pool cues are especially curated for the purpose of playing pool which is a delicate game that requires precision.  How do you expect to play a perfect shot with an imperfect pool cue?

Pool cues are easily damaged.  Banging them against the pool table can easily lead to them losing balance or developing bumps and furrows.  Follow the understated steps if you want to ensure the health and longevity of your pool cues:

  • Store your cues in a mild environment.  Too much heat or humidity can easily damage the wood of your pool cue.  It is therefore always advised to keep your pool cues standing upright in a rack with some form of protective casing around it to keep it safe from extreme weather changes.
  • Do not leave pool cues in a vehicle for long as the closed environment of a car is not suitable for the cues.
  • If you are using a wall mountable rack to store your pool cues, ensure that the rack is not attached to an exterior wall.  This will expose the pool cues to variations in temperature that might damage it.
  • Direct sunlight and UV radiation are also a big no when it comes to pool cues as they will directly impact the wood and might cause decay or discoloration.
  • Make sure you do not bang your cue on the ground while playing as this might damage the butt end as well.
  • It is best to not share your pool cue too much because other players might damage it.

The best method of storing pool cues is either upright or flat with a protective casing.  Pool cue racks are often the preferred method of storage as they are aesthetically pleasing while being perfectly functional.

These cue racks have proven high-temperature tolerance, high chemical resistance, extremely light, again have high tensile strength and high stiffness. These products are far more stable and durable, and suitable for most professional players.

Also, they are not high priced. So, why think again? You need to take care of your pool cue sticks, and there’s no better way than this. Quickly go through this list and decide the rack you would love to have!

Bringing You The Featured Pool Cue Wall Rack For Storage:

  1. CHJBD Pool Cue Rack
    This rack is made of antique quality wood. Durable and is to be mounted on the wall. Has got multifunctional capacities and separate racks to keep pool cue balls.
  2. CueStix Pool Cue Racks
    This is made of mahogany wood and can hold up to 8 pool cue sticks. These are long-lasting and are portable. Can be mounted on a wall.
  3. Leshang Pool Cue Rack
    These are available in one colour only. These are durable, lightweight, and require less space. These have a simple design and can hold up to 8 pool cue sticks.
  4. Rush Creek Storage Rack
    This is made of mahogany wood and can hold up to 8 pool cue sticks. Comes with mounting hardware. Is available in one color and is durable and lightweight.
  5. Trademark Wall Cue Rack
    This is a two-piece wood and mirror wall cue rack. It is durable and can hold 8 pool cue sticks. Comes in one color and is lightweight.
  6. Trademark Wall Cue Rack
    Is made of oak veneered wood. Can hold 8 pool cue sticks and is durable. It is lightweight and comes in one color. Has a logo mirror in the middle.
  7. VGEBY Billiard Cue Rack
    This is a premium billiard pool cue stick holder and comes in one colour. Made of solid hardwood and is highly durable. It requires assembling but has no maintenance.
  8. Lesunsport Cue Wall Rack
    Made of solid materials and is durable. Has rubber circle pads and large clips that prevent damage. Can hold up to 6 pool cue sticks and 16 pool cue balls.
  9. Snow Shop Cue Rack
    Made of solid wood and can hold 6 pool cue sticks and 15 pool cue balls. It is durable and lightweight. Has mahogany finish and comes in one color.
  10. Sterling Cue Wall Rack
    This is made of mahogany wood and can hold 6 pool cue sticks and a full set of balls. Has two sets of scoring boards at the bottom as well.
  11. MyGift Pool Cue Rack
    This is made of rustic torched wood and metal pipe. It is durable and easy to mount on flat surface walls. Comes in one color. Can hold 6 cue sticks.


These racks will not require much space, and your pool cue sticks will last longer too! So there’s no trouble that you will have to face if you buy these pool cue wall racks. So don’t wait any longer! Grab the racks now and mount them on your wall! Hurry, there’s little time left before most of them go out of stock!