Players Technology Series Hxt15 Two Piece Pool Cue Review

Get the players technology series HXT15 two piece pool cue review that you can trust. Once you read it, you might find it hard to hold back from buying it.

The Players Technology series HXT15 Two-Piece Pool Cue is one of those mind-blowing cues, the cue is said to be made from state of the art technology. The Players Technology series is crafted with 100% North American hard rock maple, it compacts an HXT super low-deflection shaft & ferrule, which will increase the accuracy and power of each shot while reducing the impact you feel.

The Players HXT15 features a walnut-stained birds-eye maple forearm and butt finish with the traditional black & white divided diamond and pincher-style as finishing design, the cue also has a black double-pressed Irish linen wrap. This cue is none the less an amazing cue to be using and will definitely increase your game skills, intermediate players will find themselves right at home using HXT15.

The cue carries a Kamui Black Soft Layered Tip, which is made from 10 layers of pigskin to give the best superior grip, spin, and durability. On a competitive level, this cue will get all your trick/skilled shots on the point of accuracy, the cue is not only a classic beauty in hand, its a beast, performance-wise.

Players Technology Series HXT15 Two-Piece Cue

Players Technology Series HXT15 Two-Piece Pool Cue Style: 20 oz. – NineFit - Europe

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  • Premium Grade, pure North American Hard Rock Maple, Treated with Nelsonite
  • Carries a  Low Deflection Shaft
  • Special lightweight polymer core
  • HXT Classic
  • Exotic Hardwood Butts

Players Technology Wrap:

  • Solid black double-pressed Irish linen wrap
  • Comfortable grip
  • Won’t slip in your hands like other cues

Players Technology Tip:

  • Kamui Black Soft Tip
  • 12.75 mm tip or 11.75 mm tip
  • Excellent cue ball control

Players Technology Cue Size:

  • 58 Inches in length
  • Available ounces, 18-21
  • Lifetime Guarantee even against warpage
  • Solid straight cue that keeps its form

Cons to the Players Technology Series:

  • The Cue has only one design to it, for a cue on this budget we should have at least 3 different designs to choose from.
  • Due to the soft tip that’s on the cue, it’s very easy to wear also we see numerous complaints about the tip breaking off.

Bottom line

The Players HXT15 Two-Piece Pool Cue is the best choice of its price line, the cue is perfect for especially intermediate players. The soft tip gives a superior cue ball control in the game, as an intermediate player you’re going to know when you should make a hard/soft, instead of just playing all shots with full power and wearing the tip at a faster paste.

The cue also has room to improve your controlling skill levels of the game, from an intermediate player to a pro-level competitive player. As a beginner, I wouldn’t recommend that you start off using this cue stick as your first choice of choosing, its not a beginner-friendly first choice cue.

In regard to how much this cue cost and the features that this cue carries, I would say the cost for this cue is just about right, at a medium price range level even though we know some persons may still find it a bit too pricey, we can assure you this cue is worth every single penny for the features that it carries.