How To Maintain a Viper Sinister Pool Cue? (8 Useful Tips)

Viper Sinister Pool Cue

The viper sinister pool cue will have your heart once you look at it. It’s sleek and stylish and it does a good knock.

A pool cue is not just a tool with which to strike balls.  Everyone wants a pool cue that they can flaunt around.  The viper sinister is a trendy pool cue stick that will help you not only look aristocratic but also shoot some great shots.

This is not a very expensive pool cue, so you can take it up if you have a flair for the game and are honing your skills.  It does not require much maintenance as well.

If you’re a nature person that loves the natural look, you gonna feel well at home with the Viper Sinister Pool Cue stick(58″2-Piece Billiard). It’s a classic design but well crafted, the shaft is constructed from hard Canadian maple wood, which gives quality and durability to the cue.

The standard available size of this cue is, 18-21 ounces cue weights, and also offers a customizable assortment. The tip size is a 13mm Le Pro leather tip, giving supreme power to its hits. The cue feels amazing in hand, I guess the Irish linen wrap to it does the job well, you feel every connection between the cue ball and the cue stick.

The cue also features lightweight stainless steel joints, and Several stainless steel rings along the forearm and sleeve which adds to its unique design and gives the smoothest feedback during plays. Most Viper cue sticks would normally be on the expensive side but not this one, the Viper Sinister Pool Cue stick is one of the most affordable above-average cue sticks out there.

Most of the cue sticks out there that have an all-natural design and features like the Viper Sinister are way over the $100 price margin, so I am not sure how long this cue will be under the $100 price margin for as well.

Viper Sinister Pool Cue (58″ 2-Piece Billiard)

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  • Hard Canadian Maple wood
  • Stainless steel joints
  • Intricate acrylic inlays
  • Crafted Design


  • 13mm Le Pro leather tip


  • Irish linen wrap
  • 9 coats of varnish to prevent warpage
  • Removable scuffer at the base of the cue


  • The tip may arrive worn out
  • It’s difficult to execute skilled shots
  • Normal Deflection Feedback

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How To Take Care Of Your Viper Sinister 58″ 2 Piece Billiard Pool?

Here are a few tips you might want to follow if you want your pool cue to last you a while:

  1. Invest in a pool cue holder and ensure that your pool cue is stored in an upright position.
  2. Do not expose your pool cue to direct sunlight, UV rays, or moisture as it will damage the wood of the pool cue in the long run.
  3. Ensure that your pool cue holder is not installed on a wall that faces the exterior of the house, as the pool cues may then be exposed to sunlight and moisture that seeps through the wall.
  4. It is best not to share your pool cue with others discriminatorily as others might not be as careful with it.
  5. Never lean on your pool cue or put your weight on it while in a standing position, as this will interfere with the balance of the pool cue.
  6. Do not apply any kind of oily substance to the pool cue to protect the wood.
  7. Subject your pool cue to servicing by a professional from time to time.  This will automatically increase its length.
  8. Inspect your pool cue and each individual part of it at least once in 3 months.  This will help you notice the wear and tear that occurs and deal with it.

Bottom line

This cue is very beginners friendly,  and it’s very affordable as well, I am sure purchasing a cue like this will definitely be worth the purchase. A beginner’s friendly cue doesn’t mean it’s only for beginners only, it means it’s an easy-to-use cue stick, the 2-piece billiard can be easily broken down for easy travel purposes.

The cue may have a normal deflection rate feedback but otherwise from that, the cue is an amazing choice within its price line. The viper sinister pool cue sticks are definitely not a newcomer to the market line of pool cue sticks and are popularly featured around the world by numerous professional players.

The design and texture of this cue stick make it be in a class by itself, the downside to its design is that it’s not colour friendly, it only has one design and colour.

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