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Issint it annoying when you have debris scattered all over your velvetty smooth table. Get a best pool table brushes and keep your table tidy at all times.

It is common to see a person use there washing brush or house broom to sweep off their pool table felt and that is so wrong in so many ways. What a lot of person doesn’t know about the pool table brushes is that they are specially built for cleaning pool table felts. They clean without leaving back any traces of dust and will not damage the pool table felt like some of the other brushes out there.

A washing brush is too rough and will damage your pool table felt, I see this happen a lot with persons thinking that a wash brush can be used. Below we will be listing the top 5 Best Pool Table Brushes that will most definitely play a big part in the maintenance of your pool table felt.

Best Pool Table Brushes

Pool table BrushesRatingsPrice
OESS Pool Table and Rail Brush SetEditors ChoiceCheck Price
Simonis X-1 Billiard Pool Table Cloth CleanerBest Felt CleanerCheck Price
Bristle Under Rail Wooden Pool Table BrushBest For Under Rail CleaningCheck Price
Trademark Billiard Table BrushCommonCheck Price

1. OESS Pool Table and Rail Brush Set – Editors Choice


Best Pool Table Brushes

The number one choice would be the OESS billiard/pool table and rail brush set. Nothing cleans a pool table felt like these brushes, this was the first set of pool table brushes I had ever used and I can tell you one thing it is not easy to strawn out like the rest. The set will include a  9” L billiard rail brush and an 8.25” L billiard table corner brush, making cleaning much easier for all the hard to get to spots with specks of dirt.

I know you are probably saying but it’s just a normal brush but what you need to understand is that some pool table brushes will damage your felt on your pool table and that will cost you in the long run. So having and using the correct pool table felt bush is very much essential if you want to maintain your pool table and hoe smooth your pool table will be playing.

I know for a fact that some persons will even use these brushes to clean their couches as well but I really wouldn’t recommend using on anything other than your pool table. All and all this is the best and it’s very affordable as well but if it’s not available or in stock you can use the other ones that I am about to list as well.


  • Gentle nylon bristles won’t pill
  • Easy to reach hard to get to spots
  • Affordable
  • Durable


  • None at the moment

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2. Simonis X-1 Billiard Pool Table Cloth Cleaner –Best Felt Cleaner

The only reason why the Simonis X-1 cloth cleaner is not at the top of this list is because of the Priceline, nothing else because this is the by far best pool table clearing tool. The unique shape makes it reaches under the rails very easily and it holds pretty firmly and smooth in the hand as well. This was specially designed to get the chalk dust out the felt alongside with other dirt particles, the Simonis works like magic with accuracy and precision and its detailed cleaning.


  •  High-tech structure
  • Non-slip handle
  • Deeply extracts chalk dust and other dirt particles
  • Durable
  • Unique Design
  • New Tech
  • Won’t damage felt in the cleaning


  • A bit expensive
  • It is said to mostly clean only the chalk dust off the pool tables felt, nothing else at times

Simonis X-1 Pool Table Cloth Cleaning Tool: Sports, Fitness & Outdoors


3. Bristle Under Rail Wooden Pool Table Brush – Best for under rail cleaning

For all the under rails dust, this is the absolute best pool table brush to get to the spotsand get out corner specks of dirt. It is easy to handle cheap and affordable as well, this brand is a good one to use as well so if you are just on the market and only looking for a rail brush this would be a good selection of your choice. Most of the time is hard to get corner dust that normally damages the felt on the pool table just for the main fact that that is hard to reach and clean.


  • Best pool table brush for under rail cleaning
  • Won’t pill your cloth
  • Natural wood stain look
  • 8″ long with 1.5″ bristles
  • Gently clean
  • Durable
  • Affordable


  • The bristles can be a bit too soft and will make cleaning the corners hard at times


4. Trademark Billiard Table Brush – Common

This would be the normal everyday pool table brush that you would normally see on the market, they are common and very good. The only cons to this type if the fact that it is hard to reach the specks of dust that are under the rails on the pool/billiard table. Most persons would normally just purchase the set that has both the brushes however if one has been damaged you could just get the single brush if you already have the other one.


  • Soft bristles with different sizes
  • Smooth cleaning
  • Durable
  • Affordable


  • Not the best for under rail cleanings


Best Pool Table Brushes –Buying Guide

When looking for the best Best Pool Table Brushes that are on the market, the above top 4 selections that I have listed will be the absolute best for you to choose from. Not all pool table brushes are good to use on your pool table, some will damage the felt on the pool table and we all know a good and quality felt will be expensive.

Using the correct brushes on your pool table will definitely play a huge part in maintaining your pool table and how well it plays. Most people do not recognize the importance of using the brush at their table and that always plays the main part in how fast the felt will need to be changed.


Thanks for reading and checking out our pool table brushes I know to some persons a brush is just a brush whether its for washing or cleaning as long as its a brush they will think it can be used on their pool table. However, not all brushes are to be used on your pool table some will damage the felt.