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Check out the best pool cue cases on our site. Pool cues are expensive and need to be maintained if they lose their precision. So invest in a good case

Our pool cases are very important to us in so many ways, the case protects our pool cue sticks and at the same time carries all the accessories needed for the maintenance of the cue stick. It is also the most efficient way of carrying around our pool cue stick on an everyday basis, so right there and then we can see how important having your own pool cue case can be.

How To Choose The Right Pool Cue Case

Here are some factors you should consider if you plan to invest in a pool cue case:

  • Some cases allow you to store your shafts and butts separately.  This is a good thing because then you do not have to worry about impacts that might affect the joints of your pool cue.
  • Hard pool cue cases are always thought to be better as they cut out extra light and provide good protection for your cues.
  • Some pool cues are lined with satin or silk to absorb any moisture that might seep in.  You should try to get one of them.
  • In certain circumstances, softer or more flexible cases might also be preferred.  You should ensure that you protect the softer cases from impacts though.
  • You will have to select the size of your case with regard to the number of cues you play with.  If you use different cues for breaking and playing, you might need a bigger case.
  • No one minds a bit of flair and style.  Infact,women are known to carry some fancy printed pool cue bags.  You could also choose the traditional path and opt for a simple brown or black case.

What Can Be Carried In A Pool Cue Case?

Along with the pool cues, there are a few more items that you can carry in your case:

  • A piece of good quality chalk to chalk your cue tip while playing.
  • A tip scraper or scruffer to ensure you have a rough tip even after many hours at the pool table.
  • Burnishing papers to smooth out all the wear and tear while playing.
  • A shaft conditioner to ensure that the shaft remains smooth at all times.
  • An extra shaft
  • A break cue to give you that extra force you need for a good break.


The thing is today, we have a wide variety of cue case brands out there to choose from that sometimes it may seem confusing to the brain of which type and brand cue case would be best be suited for your cue stick. Some cue cases may look well designed and are the most flashy but truth be told, they probably lack durability and we all can agree that we are not trying to purchase a cue case every other month.

No, we are not trying to spend unnecessary cash on items that won’t last, so below I will be listing a few of the top selections of the case masters that I have done my research on, not just the design-based features but durability wise and carrying space.

Best Pool Cue Cases

Pool Cue CasesRatingsPrice
The Hard Pool Cue Billiard Stick Carrying CaseBest 3×6 BuyCheck Price
Q-Vault Supreme Billiard Cue CaseBest 1×1 BuyCheck Price
HAN’S DELTA 2×4 Hard Oval Pool Cue caseBest 2×4 BuyCheck Price
LUCASI Tournament Pro 4×8 Pool Cue CaseEditors ChoiceCheck Price
Mizerak Padded Cue CaseMost inexpensiveCheck Price
InStroke Cowboy Pool Cue Case100% Genuine LeatherCheck Price
Casemaster Deluxe Billiard/Pool Cue CaseHard CaseCheck Price

1. The Hard Pool Cue Billiard Stick Carrying Case – Best 3×6 Buy


Best Pool Cue Cases

This pool case measures 32 inches in length, right there and then you see its basically perfect for a wide range of cue lengths out there. The case is a 3×6 cue holder meaning, it can carry up to 3 butt and 6 shafts at full storage, this case is all and all a great case for persons that have multiple pool cues for the different gameplays.

It’s very common to find players owning more than one pool cue, most professional players don’t normally like to use there breaking pool cue stick to finish to the game so they will carry a breaking cue and a skilled cue for playing.

This cue case comes in three different colors, black, gray and red it also contains a leather looking like type of material, it’s not genuine leather but it is durable enough for the price line. The case carries two additional pockets at the front, one large pocket, and a small pocket, they are well suited to carry all the extra needed for your cue stick.

Pro Features

  • Can carry the max of 3 butts and 6 shafts
  • It has an adjustable shoulder strap
  • 2 extra pockets to hold other accessories, one large and a small.
  • Length 32 inches
  • Will hold a 30″ butt or shaft
  • Comes on red gray and black
  • Leatherette outside design
  • Affordable
  • Easy clean
  • Durable


  • The clasps are made of plastic giving the disadvantage of easily break.



2. Q-Vault Supreme Billiard Cue Case – Best 1×1 Buy


Next on our list is the case master Q-Vault supreme billiard cue case, this a great 1×1 cue case to start off with, it doesn’t take up a lot of space and its very easy to carry around. The inside of this cue case is fairly soft, it contains a soft cushioned padding to prevent against any inside damages or impacts. The outside design of the case has a leatherette looking design, this cue is also very color friendly it packs a wide range of color choices to choose from.

This cue case is perfect for beginners that only have one pool cue stick, it a grab and go cue case, its very lightweight as well it does not have any weight on the shoulders. This cue case also carries an extra pocket at the top, its convenient for the storage of any accessories you may need to carry with you.

Bottom line this cue case is the best selection for you if you are a person that only has one pool cue stick, it makes no sense to carry around one of the heavier ones that hold 3-8 cue stick when you only have one. The price is very beginners friendly so no need to worry about pricing, the quality is average on this pool cue case.

Pro Features 

  • Wide color selections
  • Soft lined interior
  • Leatherette exterior
  • Easy clean
  • Fitted for 1 butt and one shaft
  • Easy to travel with


  • Possibility of arriving damaged
  • Tight Strapings



3. HAN’S DELTA 2×4 Hard Oval Pool Cue case – Best 2×4 Buy


The 2×4 means that it can carry 2 butts and 4 shafts within its compartment, this pool cue case is another favorite on the market of purchasing. this cue case comes in only black, although I think the black is more preferred due to the fact that it requires less cleaning maintenance. The strap on this is more comforting than most on the market, it carries an adjustable smooth shoulder strapping for easy carrying around.

The overall length of this case is 32 inches tall, this should about right for all them custom shafts length or most of then I should say. This pool cue case is none the less a magnificent case, it carries an overall divider tube that secures the division compartments of all the cues in the case.

Overall this case is easy to carry around, its not as big as most cue cases that carry multiple pool cues, the cue also has two extra pockets, a large pocket and a smaller one that will be more than enough space to pack all the necessary cue equipment you will be needing for a friendly or a competitive game.

Pro Features

  • Vinyl covering
  • Divider tubes
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Durable
  • Affordable


  • A slight rackle shaking noise when the cue case is packed, it can be a bit annoying.



4. LUCASI Tournament Pro 4×8 Pool Cue Case – Editors Choice

Best Pool Cue Cases

The Lucasi tournament Pro cue case, if you are not new to the world of pool or billiard you will know this brand right off the top. If you are one to own a Lucasi pool cue stick, you will definitely want to stick to your high-end brand choice. This cue case will be best suited for tournament players that have multiple amounts of cues that they use on a normal basis for the different shots played.

The design of this case was well crafted together packing a quality black, white and tan leatherette looking design to it. The case carries an extra room and spacially hidden compartments for the storage of all the need to carry around accessories. It gets better, the case has two sleeves for jump handle or extensions and also features an adjustable carrying handle when traveling on the shoulder.

The length of this Pro case is 33.5 inches tall, fitting shafts and butt size up to 30 or a bit over with a comforting fit. Sometimes if your budget can reach as high its best to just invest in something good, this cue case is a high-end cue case but its totally worth the value with the extra additional features and durability.

The bottom line is, if you don’t own a high-end cue stick it is good but not necessary to get a high-end cue case for a cue probably three times cheaper than the case, that is just my opinion at least it’s good but just not necessary. On the other hand, if you have a high-value cue stick its good to protect it with the best cue cases out there.

Pro Features

  • Durable
  • Extra rooms
  • Interior pouch
  • Zip up mesh
  • Two sleeves
  • Unique design
  • Adjustable strap
  • Special compartments


  • Expencive


5. Mizerak Padded Cue Case – Most Inexpensive


If you just looking around for a normal cue case that is more than affordable and just to last at least a few months maybe until you can afford a sturdier one, well you got your self a winner right here. I am not even gonna lie, this is the most basic cue case you are going to be able to find on the market today, it even carries a small pocket that I am sure your chalk and cue glove can hold.

The inside of this pool cue case is well padded up and the outside is said to be somewhat weatherproof, so I guess it is not as flimsy as it looks. It is a good selection if you just looking something simple and cheap, you may just need it just to protect your cue stick and easy traveling around with.

Pro Features

  • Padded interior
  • Weather-resistant case
  • Comfortable
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Small extra pocket
  • Super Affordable


  • Not as durable



6. The InStroke Cowboy Pool Cue Case – 100% Genuine Leather


looking for a pool cue case that’s sure to last at least a decade, the 3×5 instroke cowboy pool cue case is the best choice of all the selections on the market I can tell you that. It will cost more than the commonly made leatherette material that’s been flooding the market these days. This cue case is pure genuine leather, it is bound to last a lifetime, there is nothing really out there on the market that can be compared with this case when it comes to durability.

It carries up to 3 butts and 5 shafts comfortable, inside of the case has thick cushions for the protections of the cues in any event that may occur. Its also built to hold a 31 inches shaft or butt, the outside carries two additional pockets, a long and short pocket. Those pockets will be enough space for all your cue accessories, the only disadvantage to me with the cue case is that it’s very stiff, the material is hard but I guess it due to the pure leather material that is been used to build the case.

Pro Features

  • Genuine Leather
  • Medium-hard case
  • Great Design
  • Durable
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Thick cushions inside


  • A bit heavy



7. Casemaster Deluxe Billiard/Pool Cue Case – Hard Case

This case is super hard outside and soft inside, this case is not a usual strap on the shoulder case, in fact, this doesn’t have any straps for your shoulder at all. This super hard case is a 1×1 case it can only hold a single cue broken down to one butt and one shaft. This hard case is super durable outside and contains inside soft cushions for the protection of any impact that may happen on accident.

The design has a very classy look, the black outside, and the red interior is sure to draw some attention to you at your game as soon as this cue case is been opened. It carries a very comfortable handle in the middle for easy traveling.

All and all this case will surely protect your cue inside, the only fault is that they should have given the inside of the case more room for the carrying of some small accessories like chalk, glove, cue tips and those kinds of stuff. For a nicely built cue case, it does not consist of any pockets but I guess because they were going for the more classy look they had to compromise something.

Pro Features

  • 31′ Length
  • Soft lined interior
  • Classic hinged design
  • 1×1
  • Long-lasting


  • Has no pockets to carry no accessories


How To Choose Pool Cue Cases

Choosing the right pool cue case will all depend on the number of cues you carry around, if you are a person that only uses one single pool cue stick for everything it would not be necessary to get a cue case that can carry ten pool cues. So the first thing you are going to want to consider is how much cues you are planning to carry around, if you know you only use one cue stick then that means a 1×1 cue case is perfect for you.

However, if you only use one cue now but you are planning on buying the next cue soon you could then take the 2×2 in advance. So as you see its gonna be all depending on the amount of cue you use in your games, the 1×1 and 2×2 cue cases are very lightweight as well, most beginners tend to prefer these ones due to the fact that they may one carry around 1 cue stick for all games.

On a professional level now, it is more common for them to purchase a 3×5 or a 3×6 pool cue case, we all know they use multiple cue sticks for the different types of gameplays. It is common that most pro players have cues that of all tip densities, soft, super hard and medium.

Next to take in mind is the length of the cue stick you are buying the case for, you are going to need to know what length the shaft and butt of the cue stick you are using is so that you know right there and then that the case will fit. It is very common to see person order cases online and don’t have a clue that all cue cases are a different size, it is best to buy a longer cue case than a shorter and neater cue case.

Types of cue cases

The main components that are used to make the pool cue cases are mostly nylon, vinyl, leatherette or leather. Those are the 4 main materials that are mostly been used on the cue cases. Pool cue cases come in two main types as well, hard and soft, both types are good and both types carry their pros and con.

The soft cases are mostly made from nylon and are very flexible and lightweight, this is a much easier cue case to carry around on your shoulder as well, they even said to be the cheapest on the market, however, they are not durable.

The hard case has less flexibility next to no flexibility and will be more expensive on the market due to the fact that its leatherette or genuine leather materials are used to craft these cue cases. These are now said to be very long-lasting and has the most durability, the leather material made ones have more weight as well, the hard cases gives more protection to the cue stick inside.

Why are some pool cue cases so expensive

The pricing on the cue cases will all depend on the type of material made the cue case has, some material is cheap and easy worm our material while some will even last for decays. In this case, I can say that the more quality material will be a better pick and the more quality will cost more than the average. So if are to buy something under say thirty dollars, there’s no way that’s gonna last as long as a better-made material cue case say a little over a hundred dollars.

Pricing really matter when it comes to quality, you don’t have to get the most expensive one but am just saying if you are looking to get something to last those twelve dollar cases won’t do you any good, however, if that is your set budget it gonna have to just do its better to have some protection than none.

Short Summary

Above we have a listing with the top 7 best pool cue cases on the market, once you figure out what size and type of pool cue case you wish to buy the rest will be just a selection above. The list is compatible with the different budget lines, form beginners friendly to pro-cue cases.

A good pool cue case will surely keep our pool cue sticks from damaging when traveling with them if you are a pool lover like myself self you are going to definitely want one that has good inside cushions and durable material on the outside. It is good to protect your investments, as a player of the game my cue sticks are my pride investment as well so I am one to have even multiple cue cases for different occasions.

The next thing, it is good to have a cue case that can carry all your additional accessories, f0r me I love when all my things are in one place packed together so I can just grab and move. It’s hard to leave something that’s always packed in one place, you may just need to take a fast look in your case to see if all is there.

All pool cue cases listed above are great and the best choices on the market at this given time, so whichever one you choose am sure it is going to be worth the money.