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What size cue tip do the pros use? This is a question asked alot. We have the exact answers that will put your query to rest. Have a go at our list online.

There’s not a specific pool cue tip that you would say all the pro players use, most of the time they use whichever pool tip they are promoting for their sponsored companies. Below I will be listing the different types of pool tips that are been used by the majority of professional players in their tournament games when competing, the different brands and the features will be listed as well.

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What Size Cue Do The Pros Use

Triangle Cue Tip 

The triangle tips are made in the United States Of America and are crafted from a special Chrome tanned leather, it also contains a coarse grain and would be considered to give the tip a hard edge density, the size is also varied from 12mm to 14mm.

Kamui Tip Editors Choice

The Kamui pool cue tips are japan made manufacturing tip that many professional players tend to use a lot, it is also easy to repair or change when needed. It’s available in soft, medium, and hard, so finding the best one of your choice is much easier for whichever game you play. Most professional players tend to choose between the soft tip or the hard tip depending on the type of game the player plays.

The cue tip is made of vegetable-tanned leather, which would give a far superior process in durability and elasticity compared to the Chrome tanned leather. The disadvantage of this tip is that it’s easy to develop moister which would lead up to throwing off your shots at the time if not properly cleaned after each game you play.

Elk master tip

The Elk master cue tip is an all American brand as well, this type of tip is favored by players that love to execute their English shots and all other skilled shots of the game, you are going to feel right at home with this cue tip on your pool cue stick. The density of this pool tip is 66.8 super soft and is been made from a specially treated leather type material, the tip size is 13mm.

Moori laminated Billiard Cue tip

This tip is also a Japan-made manufactural brand pool cue tip, its constructed from 8 layers of selected pigs skin that gives superb gripping abilities more spin and optimized cue ball control. The cue tip is a world-famous brand tip that can be used for all level players of the game, this specific tip also has excellent chalk retention, it varies from 12mm to 14mm tip size.

Le Pro Tip Most Favored

This is an all American made cue tip, most pros that use this pool cue tip normally prefer a density tip of 88.2 extra hard. It comes within a set of 25 Le Pro 13mm tip size, this range tip is not recommended for a beginner player of the game, if you are going to have proper cue ball controlling skill with this extra hard tip your gonna definitely need to be at a professional level of the game first.

This pool cue tip would be the most commonly used cue tip I would say that most professional players tend to use, I have researched most of the world-class pool tournament winners from the last 15 years up to now and I tend to see most of them using this specific preferred tip on their pool cue stick.

What to keep in mind when upgrading to a pro-level tip 

If you are just now buying a pool cue stick for the very first time but you are also looking to see what cue tip size do the pros use, this listing will not be the best choice for you at the level you at of your game. I would solely recommend that you stick to buying a medium type tip of the choice of your choosing.

The listing above will be just great for an intermediate level player of the game that wants to upgrade their cue tip to more professional cue tip that gives the more premium performance.

After you have changed your tip to whichever one of your choosing, it’s going to then take a while for you to then adjust to that type of tip, so don’t be discouraged after you have changed your tip and your balance may be som what off for that a little while, it can take up to 1 full month to get familiar with.

Short Summary

Thanks for reading this far on What Size Cue Tip Do The Pros Use, we do hope you enjoyed and learned a few things along the way. Above we have listed the most used pool cue tips that the majority of professional pool players out there are now using. All pool tip size and brand can be found on amazon as well so be sure to check them out, you can also check out a few of the best accessories for your pool cue stick in our buyers guide in the main menu.