11 Most Expensive Pool Cue That You Must Buy!

Do we have any billiard lovers on the board? If yes, then buying the most expensive pool cue will be one of your dreams. Get a royalty pool cue for an exquisite pool affair.

Every billiard lover will always admit that an expensive pool cue at the playtime boosts up their personality quotients and helps them mark their vibrant presence in the game room. Choosing a costly pool cue is not easy, as we need to be aware of every small feature we desire to get in them. Sometimes, spending too much money doesn’t ensure all of those features in a single pool cue. We tried our best to assemble a few expensive pool cues here, which will give you a guaranteed amazing billiard experience.

Let’s Start Exploring The Most Expensive Pool Cue That You Must Have:

  1. KONLLEN KL-01F Real Wood
    Four pool cue sticks are packed in a sturdy pool cue butt of dimension 2×2. A cue glove, cue joint protector and cue cleaner towel also comes with those pool cues.
  2. LUCASI Custom + Hybrid LHC98
    This super posh pool cue comes with a customized cue. The weight can be adjusted as per requirement. Beauty is wrapped with elephant leather wrap, that comes with a lifetime warranty.
  3. KONLLEN Carbon Fiber Pool
    This is a 13mm shaft with inlay butt and 4pcs of carbon tubes inside. The handle has a leather finish. This cue is high-quality as built with the newest technology.
  4. Lucasi Custom LZC44 Pool Cue
    Another beauty from Lucasi with Tiger Everest tip and wrapped with Irish Linen. This 12.75 mm shaft is a luxury and extraordinary in its own kind.
  5. LUCASI Hybrid LHT76 Pool Cue
    Treasure this pool cue stick for a lifetime. This is a platinum metallic stick, which is loaded with G5 grip. Comes with a 4pcs cue butt and Fusion G5 grip.
  6. Players PSK-18BC Pool Cue
    A pool cue made of authentic North American hard rock wood. Its skinny tip and standard sized ferrule is painted in Kamui black. Manufacturers are giving lifelong warranty for manufacturing defect.
  7. Lucasi Hybrid LHE5 Blue
    Get yourself the pool cues of the royals. This snakeskin, royal blue cue stick, is exceptional. This comes with a tiger everest tip and quick release uni-lock.
  8. United States Air-force Billiard Cue
    Pool cues available in oak veneered rack provided by the manufacturers. It has a capacity of 8 cues and a logo mirror of diameter 10 inches. The rack is furniture grade quality.
  9. ASKA A1 Pool Cue
    Double pressed Irish linen wrap is properly polished in black or brown colour while the shaft is made of Canadian maple wood. Each cue weighs 19 ounces and 58 inches long.
  10. LUCASI Limited Edition Luxe
    This matte blue pool cue is a limited edition piece as it is specifically built for Thorsten Hohmann, the three time world champion and Lucasi Hybrid Professional.
  11. LUCASI Shadow Silver Pool
    This high-grade pool cue comes with patent pending technology, zero flex slim low deflection, G5 grip for extensive stability, and lastly X Shox Dampening system system for ultra comfortability.


So, if you are a billiard enthusiast who has immense interest to buy expensive pool cues to make your billiard days smarter, then this article is for you. Just go through the aforementioned list given to you and make your choice. It can be needlessly said that your exclusive pool cue collection will be bedazzled with any of these billiard cues.