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Who wants a pool cue that is not good enough? No one. So check out our list of the perfect low deflection pool cues and you can select one for yourself today.

What Is A Low Deflection Pool Cue?

When you hit a pool ball with a pool cue, using a regular pool cue stick, you will often get a certain amount of spin or “English” on the ball.  This, in some cases, is desirable for the game while in other situations, it might not work to your advantage.  This spin is caused due to the fact that pool cue sticks have a perfectly aligned and straight shaft.  A low deflection pool on the other hand has a slightly curved shaft.  This will cause a lesser amount of English on the ball.

It’s not a surprise why you are here, having a low deflection pool cue is definitely the way to go. Most players that compete in the game would normally prefer a low deflection pool cue stick, having a low deflection cue stick will give great accuracy and cue ball controlling abilities one can find, I am not saying they are very good but they are great cue sticks to use.

If you are a person that loves to play sidespins in your games or high-end English shots, you’ll be in love once you have tried out a low defection pool cue. Low deflection means less squirting when playing your cut shots or any other English or skilled shots, low deflection gives a lower rate of miscues.

Advantages Of Using A Low Deflection Pool Cue Shaft

Here are some of the advantages of using a low deflection pool cue stick:

  • Low deflection pool cue sticks offer greater consistency.  This is due to the curved shaft.  A player using an ordinary pool cue stick will need to rely solely on his talents for this.  However, a low deflection pool cue stick gives the player the opportunity to get more reliable shots from different angles during the game.
  • With low deflection pool cues, a player can easily, eliminate stroke variance caused by deviation.  This gives players an added advantage as they are less likely to miscue and have greater consistency between shots.
  • Since squirt is greatly reduced when using a low deflection pool cue, players have to encounter a much lower learning curve.
  • Low deflection pool cues are usually more durable.  As they are more expensive to manufacture than regular pool cues, they are made of superior-quality material.  This plays a key role in their survival.

There is a variety of brand on the market that has low defection shafts but not all are necessarily good. Below my team and I have arranged a list of the perfect low deflection pool cues that are currently on the market now, we do hope you enjoy our list.

Our Handpicked Collection Of 8 Awesome Low Deflection Pool Cues And Shafts

low Deflection Pool CuesRatingsPrice
Players Technology Series HXT15Editors ChoiceCheck Price
Purex HXT-65 Antique Birds-Eye MapleWrapless HandleCheck Price
Champion Blue or Purple Pool Cue StickBudget FriendlyCheck Price
Lucasi Hybrid L-H10 Original GenesisBest BuyCheck Price
Lucasi Custom LuminousDesigners ChoiceCheck Price
Purex 12.75mm Classic HXT Low Deflection Pool ShaftBest Buy ShaftCheck Price
McDermott iPro Low Deflection Shaft + Alpha TipBrandCheck Price
Players PSK-18BC PureX HXT Slim First ChioceCheck Price

1. Players Technology Series HXT15 – Editors’ choice

players technology pool cueThe Players Technology Series pool cue stick has one of the perfect low defection ferrules on a cue stick, it both increases power and accuracy while maintaining great cue ball control.

There is so much good stuff to say about this pool stick I don’t know where to start, the shafts are made from hard rock maple and treated with nelsonite which would protect it from atmospheric changes, to add to the finishing touch they added a special epoxy to protect the cue from warping and moisture build-ups.

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If you are searching around on the market looking for a pool cue stick that will increase your skill, look no more, this cue is the perfect fit for you. The cue has a Kamui Blacktip constructed with 10 layers of pigskin which would give a result superb grip, spin & durability.

Main Features Of Players Technology Series HXT15 Low Deflection Pool Cue

  • Stainless steel Joints
  • Slimline White Implex Butt Cap
  • Designer Irish Linen Wrap
  • Low-Deflection Ferrule
  • Special Epoxy
  • Kamui Black Tip

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2. Purex HXTE-12 PureX Antique Birds-Eye Maple – Wrapless Handle

players HXTE12If your one that loves the feeling of raw sleek wrapless handle pool cues, no need to look around anymore, the Purex HXTE-12 was built especially for you. With the design and structured beauty of this pool cue stick, no wonder it’s said to be the perfect gift for a person who loves the game of pool like myself.

This Specific cue comes with a lifetime warranty, and its covers even against warpage, that’s to show you how crafted this cue stick is in its built. If you have never bought or used a wrapless handle cue stick before and you wonder if you should get one because your think it will be slippery due to the fact that it’s wrapless.

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To be honest, if you have really bad sweaty palms I would recommend against buying but if not it’s a great buy I can tell you that much.

Main Features Of Purex HXTE-12 PureX Low Deflection Pool Cue

  • Low Deflection Technology Shaft
  • Kamui Black soft tip
  • Sleek wrapless Handle
  • Implex joint collar
  • Natural Wood Design
  • Double dagger black points
  • Simple silver rings

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3. Champion Blue or Purple Pool Cue Stick – Budget Friendly

champion blue cue stickNext on our list, we have the champion pool cue stick, this pool cue stick is the most affordable for a cue stick with a  low deflection shaft. We try not to make our selections all high-end price rate cues, we try to give it a mixture so that everyone can find something they all like and can afford.


For a low deflection pool cue of this price, no wonder it’s so easy to run out of stock. So if you are looking to buy a low deflection cue and you do not have enough to get one of the high-end low deflection cues that are on the market, you can surely get the Champion cue stick.

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It does not have the perfect deflection shaft but it does have a good deflection shaft for the money’s worth. The most average rate person that purchases this pool cue is the one who is new to the low defection shaft world, it’s also a good beginner cue to start off with as a new player of the game.

Main Features Of Champion Blue Low Deflection Pool Cue

  • Low Deflection Shaft
  • (LD) ABS Fiber Threaded Ferrule
  • Special Epoxy Finish
  • Joint protectors
  • Irish Linen Wrap
  • Le Pro Tip

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4. Lucasi Hybrid L-H10 Original Genesis – Perfect Buy

If you can afford to switch to a Lucasi cue brand, it’s definitely worth every penny it costs. The reason why I mentioned the switch is the fact that this cue is not a likely cue stick that a beginner will want to get on their first time around buying a pool cue stick. The cost is a bit high I won’t lie, but it’s like switching from a honda car to a Benz car, it’s pricier but has more luxurious features.

The cue carries a G5 grip wrap with an X-Shox damping system which would give a superb grip feeling in the hand, it also reduces the vibration hits you feel and we are not talking about the low defection shaft features as yet.

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Most of the cues around after playing with them for a little while the chalk does not want to stay on the tip, the Lucasi pool cue is nothing like those, it has a great chalk retention hold.

Main Features Of Lucasi Hybrid L-H10 Original Genesis Low Deflection Pool Cue

  • Leather Kamui Black soft tip
  • Zero Flex point Ferrule
  • Stainless steel joint collar
  • Sport G5 Grip wrap
  • Low Deflection Shaft
  • Uni-loc pin
  • X-Shox Dampening System
  • Lifetime warranty, Warpage included
  • Good chalk retention

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5. Lucasi Custom Luminous Low Deflection Pool Cue – Designers Choice

We have here another Lucasi custom cue with blue and white diamond inlays, this one is much cheaper than the hybrid one I’ve mentioned above.

The Lucasi custom is more of a little brother to the one above, it would still rank second in perfect low deflection cue in this article and above most of the cues on the market.

Words cannot explain how beautiful this pool cue is when seeing upfront, they are not just beautiful they have high-end features to back the beauty. The Lucasi are all treated with a special wood stabilizer to keep the pool cue stick from any type of overtime damage like warpages and so forth.

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The cue has a low deflection shaft, ferrule, and a custom solid core, it’s just the super beast when it comes to low deflection overall. The cue also has a slip-free grip, you need not wonder about your hands slipping off, the cue comes with a standard soft tip but you can order the type you would prefer if you don’t play that kind of game.

Main Features Of Lucasi Custom Luminous Low Deflection Pool Cue

  •  Slip-free grip
  •  Diamond inlays
  • Custom Solid Core
  •  Low Deflection
  •  laser-cut precision inlays
  • Irish linen wrap
  • Zero Flexpoint ferrule
  • New taper

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3 Awesome Low Deflection Shafts

1. Purex 12.75mm Classic HXT Low Deflection Pool Shaft – Perfect Buy Shaft

purex shaftThe Purex shafts are good to use, they carry a professional tapper which gives the amazing feeling and feedback hits.

The shaft is durable and does not easily warp, the construction of this low defection shaft is well put together with all its superb features.

This shaft was made to fit almost every cue brand on the market, it is no surprise that some players may just want to change the shaft on their cue and not the entire cue stick.

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Main Features Of Purex 12.75mm Classic HXT Low Deflection Pool Shaft

  • Size 5/16 x 18 Pin
  • Low Deflection Technology Shaft
  • HXT Ferrule
  • Lightweight polymer core
  • Zero Flexpoint
  • Kamui Black soft tip
  • Professional taper

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2. McDermott iPro Low Deflection Shaft + Alpha Tip

Mcdermott defy This shaft is very high quality, it’s also very rare on the market to get.

The McDermott is a popular brand that makes great billiard cues within the United States, their cues are a bit on the high pricing level but they are totally worth the purchase if your budget can reach the buying the product.

It’s popularly said that a McDermott shaft will more than last a lifetime, it’s going to be passed down as well, the shaft carries the amazing features one can carry with the durability at hand as well.

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Main Features Of McDermott iPro Low Deflection Shaft

  • I-Pro Shaft
  • Low defection
  • Radial Consistent Shaft
  • Triple-Layer Carbon Fiber Core
  • Octadic Laminated Shaft
  • Navigator Alpha tip
  • 3/8 x 10 Shaft

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3. Players PSK-18BC PureX HXT Slim – First Choice

If you are just looking to change your shaft from a regular to a low defection shaft I would highly recommend using this, it is not too expensive and it still reaches the criteria of a high-level shaft.

Today’s day you just can easily upgrade any normal 2-piece cue stick to a war machine just by upgrading its shaft, the wonderful thing about this shaft is that it works on most of the cues out there.

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Main Features Of Players PSK-18BC PureX HXT Slim Low Deflection Shaft

  • Joint  5/16 x 18
  •  Multi-zone grip
  • Low deflection
  • Kamui tip
  • (11.75mm or 12.75mm)

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Are Low Deflection Pool Cues Worth The Extra Bucks?

Personally, I would say, yes.  If you want to progress in the game, you should invest in the right tools.  Be wary of cues less than 200$ that claim to be low deflection.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Switching To A Low Deflection Cue?

  • It will take time to adjust to, so your game will be a bit off for a while
  • Low Deflection cues and shafts are expensive
  • Not so great on jump shots

Closing Thoughts

Above we have a list of the perfect low deflection Pool Cues/Shafts of 2020, the list is not arranged in no specific order, if you have clicked a link and the product is sold out, feel free to message me on contact us a message on the website so I can quickly switch out that link for you to an available one.

All cues and shaft listed above are high-performance cues/shafts all low deflections as well that carries the amazing features of a low deflection pool cue stick can possibly carry. We try to update our listing every 3 months so that we can keep you guys fully up to date.

I am sure that whichever cue stick or shaft you choose to get on this listing will very much increase your accuracy of the game, I am not saying if you are at an amateur level of the game having a low defection cue will automatically turn you into a professional player but, I can tell you this if you have skills of even a mid-level player, you are going to see drastic improvements with the shots you might be having trouble with.

Thanks for reading our article on the perfect low-deflection pool cues/shafts, you can also feel free to check our Pool Cues as well for mid-level range players as well am sure you will find the list interesting.

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