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So your addicted to pool. Big deal. We can show you how to play pool on imessage and you will be hooked again. Develop your skills with the online game.

Playing pool on imessage is the best way to pass the time while increasing your skills of the game, imessage pool game format is a very fun factor. It is very easy to play with a friend no matter where in the world they are, once you have an iPhone and the person’s contact number in your phone.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or professional pool player, playing pool on your mobile device will most definitely increase your skilled shots of the game. To tell you the truth, most of the time I would learn some shots while playing the game, the game taught me a lot of tricks and I would then try executing them on a real practice game.

I am sure I can’t be the first one to have been through this, learning while competing with friends on iMessage. It is a very good platform to practice on and keep up with the game even if you do not play every day, below I will be explaining how to install and play pool on imessage for iPhones.

How to play pool on imessage

  1. The first thing that you are going to do is, open a new chat with the person you wish to play the game within imessage.
  2. You are going to then press the “>” icon that’s next to the keyboard, then click the “A” to bring up the imessage app store.
  3. At the bottom of the open browser menu, you’re going to see the App Drawer, it’s going to like a four-dot icon, you are going to tap it.
  4. On tapping the icon a list of all the imessage apps will appear, you are going to then click the little search magnifying glass icon to type, GamePigeon, the result should bring up a game controller icon.
  5. The app will be free, so just tap “Get” and it will be added to your imessage, after the ap is fully installed you can just repeat steps 1-3 and you will see the app GamePigeon just click and open to select the 8 ball pool and your good to go just sent it like a normal message to your friend.

How to play pool on imessage



  • It is very easy to play, they use a pullback mechanism when arranging the power strike on the cue stick, the further you pull the screen down the more power you get.
  • Do not hit the cue ball which would be the white ball in any packet, that’s considered a foul shot and you’ll lose your turn even if you had sink one of your balls on the table.
  • Practicing is the key factor within whether imessage or in real-life aspects of the sport.
  • Try not to only practice straight shots but English and cut shots as many as you can as well.
  • Try playing with a friend as much as possible, even twice per day is good.

Short Summary 

As you can see on the listing above, how to play pool on imessage is very simple and the app that carries the 8 ball pool game is easy to install as well. I do hope you have enjoyed reading this article and it was very helpful to you as well, we are here to provide you with the best pieces of knowledge about the game of pool, 8-Ball pool.


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