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Buying the perfect pool cue is task, so it manintaing it. So let us teach you how to maintain a pool cue. Learn all the tips and tricks from us. Visit us.

A pool cue stick is an investment all players of the sport will most defiantly invest in, so its just right to lean to proper way on how to maintain our pool cue sticks. More than likely all quality pool cue sticks are made from wood and we know for a fact that wood needs to be properly treated so that it will last for a longer time span. It doesn’t matter how expensive the cue may cost, its gonna still need to be treated in the right manner to last as long as it should last.

The most important parts of a pool cue that will be needing the most maintenance is the shaft and tip on the cue stick. These two parts are the two main parts that will more likely affect your gameplays when playing if not properly cleaned on a weekly or monthly babes depending on how often you use your pool cue stick. That aside another thing that can affect your cue stick is storing your cue in any extreme hot or cold place, always keep cue away from those spots when storing.

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How To Maintain A Pool Cue

The two main parts on a pool cue that’s vital to its maintenance and will affect your game if not maintained right are the shaft and the tip on the cue stick. Those are the two main functions of the cue as well, the shaft for a better and smoother stroke and the tip that makes the contact to the object ball on the pool table.

The Shaft

Overtime your shaft will develop sticky moistures, whether it’s off the hands, chalk dust or som

How To Maintain A Pool Cue

e other environmental builds ups will be attracted to the shalt. When that happens it will affect your smooth strokes and is going to affect your gameplays whether you believe it or not, the good thing is though is not hard to get rid of the moister buildups on the shaft.

To clean the shaft you can get damp cloth, not wet just a Lil bit damp because water is not good to uses on wood it can change the shape so use damped cloths to wipe up and the shaft then uses a dry cloth to do the same after. Another way you can clean the shaft is to use a fine grade sandpaper most preferred 400 0r 600 grade to gently rub up and down the cue shaft to remove all hard dirt buildups, this is to be done in a short period of time.

Last but not least you can use a hundred dollar note to fold and clean the shaft with, I know you must be saying this is crazy but this method works as well. In all honesty, it doesn’t really matter the note you use to clean the shaft, its just fact that they say that a higher bill adds a greater luster to the shaft.

Those aside you can buy cue maintenance cleaning tools on the market however these are the methods that most people will use to clean their pool cue shafts with. They are all simple, easy and all works great when cleaning your shaft.

The Tip

How To Maintain A Pool Cue

This is the most important feature on a cue stick, a tip should properly be maintained at all times, or else it’s going to throw your game way off balance. If the tip is not well maintained it will cause a lot of miscues in the game and we all know that 98% of all miscues will lead to a ball in hand advantage. Please make due to check out the buyer’s guide in the main menu and get the best tip maintains accessories on the market for your cue tip.

All good pool cue tips are made from a type of leather material, a good tip that is in shape should not be smooth, the tip should have somewhat of a rough edge touch to it. Having a rough edge will keep the chalk on the cue tip for better plays. A scuffer or a tip-pik can be used to roughen up the tip this will give the top a better cue ball controlling abilities.

It’s good to make sure that your pool cue tip is in good shape, it should be shaped in a dime to a nickel radius shape. The tip can be shaped using a tip shaper tool that’s also on the market and easy to get you can find it in the buyer’s guide in the main menu.

Please make sure to take proper notice of the tip and how worn out it may be, if it’s super low and needs to be changed then your best option will be to just change and not try to repair it back to life, you won’t get the same feeling from it one the tip is been fully worn out.

A new tip will need to be reshaped after a month of constantly using on a daily bases, the more the cue tip is been used to play the cue ball is the more misshaped it will get. However, if you don’t use your cue as much you won’t have to reshape the tip as often.

Short Summary On Maintaining A Pool Cue

Its a fact that following these steps on how to maintain a Pool Cue Stick will definitely let you cue stick not just last longer but play better as well.  These are steps that I myself tend to follow every month to keep my pool cue stick in tip-top shape, most pro-players of the game will do monthly maintenance on the cue stick as well.

We also have suggested items that are best for the maintenance of your cue stick, feel free to check them out in the Buyer’s Guide in the main menu tab above. Thanks for reading this article, I do hope you have learned a few things from this on how to maintain your pool cue sticks. A cue is our best friend and investment at the same time so it’s just best to properly maintain it in the best way we can.