Look Up How To Choose A Pool Cue Length Among Options

If you have ever worried about how to choose a pool cue length, then it’s time you get your answers. Get a fair idea of the cue lengths that might work.

Choosing the wrong length pool cue for your hight will definitely throw your correct balance off, it may even cause damage to your back due to straining your composure. The good thing about pool cues is that each company built length does not just fit one height person, they fit a numerous amount of height persons.

How To Choose A Pool Cue Length


How To Choose A Pool Cue Length

A standard one-piece pool cue would be 57 inches on an average base unless a costume order was placed, the 2 piece pool cue would be 58 inches on average. If you are at average height (5ft8) to the height of 6ft5 am sure the standard length pool cues will be just perfect for you, its common that you will find the most availabilities in cues of these lengths from most manufacturers.

However, if you are taller than 6ft5 you are going to need a taller cue than the standard one. Your gonna need to specially request a 61 inches pool cue stick, please note that if you are not taller than 6ft5 this cue stick will not be the right length for you and most likely be uncomfortable using.

For persons under 5ft8, I would recommend using a shorter pool cue stick, if you are 5ft to 5ft7 I recommend that you use a 52inches cue stick. If you are shorter than 5ft then I would then recommend that you use a junior pool cue length which would be 48 inches tall.

How To Choose A Pool Cue weight

How To Choose A Pool Cue Length

The most standard pool cue weights are 17-21 ounces, everyone has their different cue weight preference depending on what ounce feels better or more comforting in your hand. If your a beginner just searching for whats the right pool cue weight to use, I would recommend that you start with the 19 ounces, its the most preferred ounce.

The cue ounces are available under 17oz and over the 21oz in weight, however, you would have to specially ask if they have in available stocks. Some professional players like to have multiple cues weights for different plays of the game, a lighter cue for all their skilled shots and the heavier cue sticks for breaking.

What  Brand pool cue stick is best? 

I get asked this question in my email at least twice a week every week, there is a variety of cue stick brands out there most of them are good, some not as good especially when talking about durability and special features like low deflection rate and other features of the cue.

It is not possible to just name a single pool cue brad as the best, I think that would be just me preferring a specific pool brand. Below I will be listing the to 7 brands that in my opinion has the best cue stick that maintains its features over a period of time using them.

Those above are my top 8 pool cue brands, they are all beginners friendly cues, they all range from 70 up so as expected the higher you scale in price the better cue you are going to get within each specif brand. The champion Billiard and the player cue are my most favored pool cue sticks to use, they are just too smooth with great results in performance.

What’s better, a 1 piece cue stick or a 2 piece pool cue stick?

The main usage of where you plan to use your pool cue stick will be the main factor of your choice. If you are just looking to play some friendly pool games at your house or you are looking to buy some cue sticks for your pub or bar so that persons without their own cue stick can still play the game, I would recommend that buying a one-piece cue stick is best for that occasion.

A one-piece cue stick is much cheaper the 2 pieces and if you are going to be buying a cue stick for public usage you defiantly want to go with the cheaper one. Its also a good cue stick its very solid without any joint, some persons even prefer the one straight solid stick, the downside is that this cue not very travel-friendly.

On the other hand, if you are a person that travels a lot to play pool all across the globe, the two-piece cue stick would be just the cue for you.  The cue has a joint in the exact middle of the stick that very easy to screw apart, some professional players would tend to use this over the one-piece due to the fact that you can change the shaft to a more upgraded one for whichever game type they are playing.

Short Summary

Choosing the wrong length pool cue can be somewhat discomforting to the user, so it is always best to make sure you get the right length. Above you will find all the things to look for when choosing How To Choose A Pool Cue Length, we sure hope that the information above was useful so that you are now more confident in choosing the right pool stick to use.

What beginners of the spot doesn’t know is that if you are to choose the wrong length pool cue stick, that can very much affect your back and spine due to how you will be forcing the bending of back when taking every shot in the game. It won’t affect you overnight but I can guarantee you this, it will cause damage to you back in the long run of using the wrong length pool stick.

Again, thanks for reading and I know you got something worth remembering for a lifetime here, we have lots of informational articles and the best pool cues for all level players of the sports pool. So if you are on the market to learn, feel free to check the main menu our and if you on the market looking the best pool cues, you can also check the buyer’s guide out in the main menu tab.