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Can Pool Table Felt Be Washed? (6 Effective Ways)

Can Pool Table Felt Be Washed?

If you’re not too sure how to maintain a pool table, check us out. Can pool table felt be washed? These and other questions are what we answer. Visit us now

At some point when the felt on your pool table gets really dirty, there will be a slight thought in your head wondering if you could wash the felt on the pool table. The answer is no but there are some other ways in which you can clean your pool table once it is dirt first I will be explaining why you can’t wash the felt on your pool table.

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Can Pool Table Felt Be Washed?

As I mentioned about a pool table felt cannot be washed, then again it can but it’s gonna throw the balance off the whole game. After a wash, the felt will be a bit fuzzy, probably even torn up and we all know that gonna be an obstruction for the balls on the pool table. The best thing to do would be to light clean the felt of the re-felt pool table.

How To Clean A Pool Table?

The safest way to clean your pool table is to use the specific pool table brush, it’s not too rough yet not too soft for the material that’s on the pool table. If something was to accidentally spill on the table the proper way would be to use a damp absorbent cloth to clean the area.

A pool table should be cleaned every day before use, nothing should stand in the way of your cue balls and the other objective balls that are on the table. If you don’t really use your pool table then you won’t have to clean it that much, the better you treat the felt on the pool table the longer it’s going to last.

There are a lot of things on the market that you can use to properly maintain your pool table, like any normal investment we need to protect them. There are some popular things like sprays, special brushes, self absorbent cloths that can be used to keep the felt on your pool table in tip-top shape.

After you are done using the table it should be properly covered up by a pool tablecloth that you can also find on Amazon.

Can I Vacuum The Pool Table?

It’s a common factor of people be vacuuming their pool table to clean it but that is not however safe for the felt. A vacuum sucks up everything on the table including the felt and doing so can cause wrinkles to appear on the table. Having wrinkles on your pool table means the table is no good, you can’t be playing on a pool table with wrinkles it’s gonna unbalance the game and will be causing obstructions to the billiard balls on the pool table.

However, you can use the vacuum to get the dirt out of the corners on the pool table, you just should not let the vacuum have any contact with the felt, you should keep the vacuum at least 1 inch from it when using it to clean the corners.

How Often Should A Pool Table Be Cleaned?

Though it is recommended to clean a pool table as soon as it appears dirty, you should do a deep cleaning of your pool table at least once in six months.  It could be done once in three months if your table is being used regularly.

Is It Necessary To Use A Special Brush To Clean A Pool Table?

Not really, any soft-bristled brush should be able to do the job.  Use straight left to right or up and down motions to clean any debris.  Avoid cleaning in circular strokes as this will ruin the alignment of the felt fibres and this might interfere with the movement of the balls while playing.

Is It Possible To Protect The Felt On Your Table?

It might not be possible to entirely save your felt from harm, but there are a few steps you can take to prevent any major harm:

  1. Cover your pool table if it has not been in use for a long time.
  2. Install your pool table in the interior of your home and not in the way of an open door or window.
  3. Clean any dirt or debris from the table as soon as they appear.
  4. Use absorbent paper to clean any spills or stains.
  5. Beware of children around your table as they invariably cause the most harm.
  6. Vacuums are a strict no-no when it comes to pool tables as they cause the fabric to stretch and might lead to wrinkles later on.  Though it might seem like a good idea, resist the urge to use a vacuum cleaner.

Can A Pool Table Be Re-Felted?

Yes, if the felt on your pool table has got really worn out, and developed wrinkles or abrasions.

Re-felting can cost anywhere between 300$ – 500$ and an additional 100$ may be required as a service charge.

Things Not To Do Over The Pool Table

  • Do not store your drinking bottles on the rails on the table
  • Don’t chalk your cue stick over the table
  • Don’t kill any insects on the table as well, this is commonly done over and over
  • don’t drink or eat over the pool table

Closing Thoughts

Those are some simple ways on ways to clean your pool table felt, do not try to wash the felt on the pool table. try avoiding eating over or handling any food items or drink over the pool table, and do not use bleach on your material. Thanks for reading our article on Can Pool Table Felt Be Washed, I do hope you have learned a few things here feel to check a few of the others out as well thanks.

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