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What is a Bumper Pool?

Bumper Pool is a pocket billiard game, it’s fun but yet a bit different from the other billiard games that most would know of. For starters, the game cannot be played on any of the regular billiard/pool tables that you see most billiard/pool game would take place on.

The bumper pool table is much smaller than the average size ones, a normal bumper pool table would measure around 46 x 62 inches, just about well-rounded for home usage, and can fit in all most any room in the household. Bumper pool tables are normally octagonal or rectangular shaped and have an array of fixed cushioned obstacles that are called bumpers, the bumper pool table also only consists of two pocket holes.

How to Play Bumper Pool?

This is played with two persons or four players who would be separated into teams of two. The gameplay of this game consists of 5 red balls on one end of the table and 5 yellow balls on the other end of the table each set of 5 balls will have one marked ball.

Each set of balls will be arranged side by side at the edge of the end of the bumper table with the marked ball located exactly in front of the pocket hole. The marked ball that is located in front of the pocket hole must be the first ball to be pocketed, after that ball has been pocketed you are then free to place whichever one you choose to play.

The main objective of the bumper pool is to try and pocket all your balls on your side of the table on the opposite side of the table pocket home, just remember that you must pocket the marked ball on the table first before trying to attempt any other balls on your side of the bumper table.

Who Plays First In Bumper Pool?

It’s obvious that the log system cannot be used to determine who plays first and it’s not very professional to flip a coin in a sport that is based on skills. In this game of pool, both players will play at the same time however they have to play a band shot and whoever’s ball is closest to the pocket hole wins the next play or if one pockets the ball.

But what if both players pocket their ball? If this was to happen although this rarely happens each player would just select a ball on their side of the field and place in front of the pocket hole and tries to both pocket the ball again in the other player’s pocket hole.

That process will be continued and if both players miss the player that is closer to the other player’s pocket hole will get the privilege of taking the next shot in the game. If both of the players were to pocket all five of their balls in the other player’s pocket hole the game would just end with a draw, and as I said these events are not something that you see happen on a regular basis these rarely happen.

What Are The Different Fouls In Bumper Pool?

  1. If a player pockets their last ball in there on the pocket on their side of the table the loses the game
  2. If a player plays the ball off the table that ball will be in the centre cushions( bumpers) in the middle of the table.
  3. If a player is to sink one of their own all that’s not the last ball on their side of the table in the wrong pocket the other player will get the privilege of dropping two of their ball into the pocket hole
  4. Jump shots are not a legal shot in bumper pool

How To Play Defensive In Bumper Pool?

The game of pool is a very strategic game its won by the skilled and the smartest in the game. The aim of playing defensive is to always put your opponent in a difficult spot in the game. Try your best to make sure his next play will be not as easy as 1,2,3, in the gameplay you can use your ball to move whichever ball he has closed to the pocket once it is your turn to play.

the cushions/bumpers on the table are there for you to utilize as best as possible to your advantage. Always try to give a difficult bank as possible because almost every shot in the name will be a bank first or bumper first.


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