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Best Way To Break In Pool 2021 Edition

Way To Break In Pool

A player will practice for hours of the game on all types of skilled shots and not try to master the best way to break the pool. We all can come to an understanding that breaking only happens one time for each game, we can also agree that breaking is a privilege of the game and can end the game with just one strike, so why not practice more on ways to break and tactics of breaking so that you could improve your skill on the most important shot of the game.

The information below on the best way to break in the pool will not be too of much use if you are at a professional level of the game. The knowledge given is to guide young players of the game of pool on other ways they can consider to break the pool. A good break is not only when you sink the main objective numbered ball on the break shot but to get the next play after the break shot is been executed.

Best Way To Break In Pool

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On an average break, most persons would just hit the center of the cue ball as hard as possible, hitting the V top center of the triangle racked balls hoping that one of the numbered balls would sink into any pocket so that they could get another play on the table. I am not saying this specif method of hitting cue ball center to racked ball center is wrong, am just saying it’s more on the hoping side and more on beginners breaking level.

Am not saying my method will be the best method of breaking and it will give you a sure 8-ball in the packet break but am sure it will narrow the chance of getting a cue ball scratch on the table while increasing the 8-ball sink within the first shot, if not the 8-ball, a numbered ball in the packet if executed properly am sure this method of breaking will give a huge started advantage regardless the outcome.

How to Break in Pool

Place the cue ball to the left or right side on the table, don’t put the cue ball too close to the corner edge (side rails) of the table as well. Make sure that your cue ball placement is at least 2-4 inches beneath the head string, the main aim would be to hit the top second row on the v-shaped racked balls with the right amount of accuracy and a small amount of English within the play.

Before attempting the break shot please make sure that your cue stick is well chalked. If you are attempting the left side cue ball placement first, the English you are going to use would be a little to the lower left of the center of the cue ball if it’s on the right side of the table you attempting to place the cue ball to break from I would advise using a little to the right below the center of the cue ball as well.

So basically it’s not a hard one to remember, if it is the left side of the table that you choose as your breaking point then you would apply a small amount of bottom left English to the cue ball, and if it’s the other side it’s vice-versa. Try to get a direct hit as well, a little power will be substituted for a little English play on the table but it’s going to definitely be worth the substitution.


  • Not a beginner’s friendly Break
  • Possible foul play may occur when attempting shot

Simple Break Tips

This is a simple video on the best way to break in 8 ball pool including where the cue ball should be or is expected to be so that it’s more convenient.  A good break is important but controlling where the cue ball stays is also a very important aspect which can then assure you a sure victory.

This video is strictly for the usage of 8 ball pool break, I hope this video gives you a simply ideal way to break.  A good break will take lots of practice so don’t feel bad if you don’t get it good the first few times around. You can also try out the other methods of where to place the cue ball to get a more accurate break also.

Short Summary

Those are two other ways to break in the game of pool, most professionals normally would have a special pool cue for the breaking of the game. I have seen some great break shots around the world made by pro-players of the game, a great break doesn’t mean that you have to pocket the 8ball or 9ball upon the break. As long as the break includes you getting a next play is simply a good break especially when the balls on the pool table are properly scattered.

It is common knowledge of persons to think that a good break-in pool is only when the eight or 9ball is been pocketed but as pro-player you know a good break is once you get the next shot after the break. If you have the proper cue ball controlling skills it’s going to be very handy as well.

Thanks for reading this simple article on the Best Way To Break In Pool please note that if you are at a high level of the game this information will not be as important to you it’s a more beginners friendly way to break tips. We also have the best breaking cues available so please make sure you check them out in the buyer’s guide above.

We have reviewed the best break, jump, beginners, intermediate, professional using pool cues that are on the market. I am a strong lover of the cue sports pool and I try to educate especially beginners on things they can focus on to improve their game in the pool, it is also a sure factor that you will pick up a few tricks of your own last but not least choosing the right pool cue for the type of game you are going to play is vital.