Check Out The 5 Best Pool Table Felt For Your Home Now

The most amazing and best pool table felt will give your hall room the look of relaxed luxury, so indulge in buying one today and feel like an Emperor.

The fact that you are here simply means that you are looking to Re-felt your pool table or you are just looking to see which pool table felt is best.  The felt is the most important aspect on a pool table because that’s what gives a good or bad gameplays experiences on a pool table. Pool table felt can be commonly called pool table cloth as well some persons may refer to it as felt or pool table cloth its the same thing either way.

I am sure you have various amount of material fabrics that are been used on pool tables around the world but the best and most common ones are Worsted or Woolen table felts. Woolen felts are more common to see due to the fact that it’s cheaper for the most part of it, woolen felt will give slower plays and has a discernible nap which would be normal for a woolen felt.

Worsted felt are much more expensive but will last for years and takes less maintenance, worsted felts are blended with a mixture of woolen and nylon. This Fabric on your pool table will give smooth and faster ball gameplays if you are looking for quality and professionalism this would type would be your best choice.

Below my team and I have arranged a shortlist with the top 5 Best Pool Table Felt that gives the best gameplays and is within an affordable budget line. A good quality felt will give better gaming experiences within the game and improve the way you play as well.

Best Pool Table Felt 

Pool Table FeltsRatingsPrice
Simonis 860 ClothEditors ChoiceCheck Price
Championship Saturn IIBest SellerCheck Price
Performance Grade Pool Table Felt Designers ChoiceCheck Price
Simonis Cloth 760 Pool Table ClothBest Pool Table FeltCheck Price
CPBA Competition Worsted Professional Pool Table ClothBest Budget Quality FeltCheck Price

1. Simonis 860 Cloth – 7 ft Cut – Editors Choice – 


Best Pool Table Felt

The Simonis 860 is none the less the best pool table felt to be using on your Pool Tables,  this is by far the best for both 8 and 9ball pool. It’s amazing how the right quality pool table felt can even give your cheap knock off pool table such a professional playing motion. It becoming more popular these days to see that most of the pool tournament events are now using the Simonis felts on their pool tables.

The Simonis pool table felt comes in many different colors as well so I am sure if you are now a big fan of the tournament blue color looking fabric you will find a color that suits you more. The 860 series gives a slower play than its previous model the Simonis 760, I think that something you should know but never the less it’s a fast-playing fabric and will still top all the cheap ones out there.

This brand has been manufacturing pool table cloths for hundreds of years now perfecting quality and good pool table felt cloths. The blend would be a mixture of  90/10 wool nylon blend,  these material do not pill now shed they have been gradedly made. If you are on the market looking for a quality and long term felt this would be the perfect one for you to get.


  • It does not poll or shed
  • Long-lasting
  • 90/10 wool nylon blend
  • Great for tournament usages
  • You will get enough cloth for bed and rails (7ft cut)
  • Worsted speed cloth


  • Slightly Slower than a normal Worsted but it’s not that obvious 



2. Championship Saturn II – Best Seller

The Championship Saturn is a very exceptional felt for pool tables of all brand and types, it is very affordable and can be used for both commercial and home usage. They are available in various different colors and the color selections are pretty good as well, the material blend wool this 75% wool and 25% nylon woolen fabric. Using this fabric on your pool table will give you a slower play than what a worsted felt fabric would give, however, it still gives adequate plays professional wise.

Again this woolen felt material is very affordable and I would personally recommend not using a pool table cloth that’s under the value of this. Doing so will only let it seems like your cutting your budget but really you ane not cutting any budget because I am sure you are going to have to re-rap your pool table in a fast period of time.

Another thing why more person will gravitate to this type of felt is that is way easier to install that a worsted felt and again it is cheap and durable at the same time. A next main feature would be the fact that this cloth has been specially treated and coated with Dupont Teflon for some-what stain resistance.


  • Tight weave provide superior cloth
  • Multiple color selection
  • Dupont Teflon coating
  • Comes with table Spot and two pieces of cue chalk
  • 75% wool and 25% nylon blend
  • 7ft and 8ft pool table cloth availability
  • Inexpensive


  • Check your pool table cloth upon arrival to see if it is damaged or dirty



3. Performance Grade Pool Table Felt – Designers Choice


Next on the list is a table felt that I have seen may persons taking a huge like upon, it is very affordable as well and the color selections are off good grade. The material is a  blend of 70% wool and 30% nylon, for the most part of it the persons that are drawn to this are the ones who have their own pool table at home this is a great house selection due to the high poped colors as well.

This blend gives a faster play than the previous ones that I have talked about above, it is exceptionally fast but still not too fast it still maintains professional-grade roles. The felt is available for 7ft-9ft size pool tables, they cut to fit for the more popular sized tables.

The bottom line is if you are on the market and you are within a small budget but you would still want a quality cloth for your pool table this would be a great selection.


  • High color density
  • You get enough cloth for table and rails
  • Fast speed pool table felt
  • Blended mix 70% wool, 30% nylon
  • 19 oz medium
  • Wide color selection
  • Affordable


  • Its a bit thinner than what I expected



4. Simonis Cloth 760 Pool Table Cloth- Best Pool Table Felt


If you are on the market and looking for a pool table cloth that will give the best performance plays one can get, I will highly recommend the Simonis 760. The price range is above what you normally see but trust me this is the best pool table felt out there right now. This felt was specially made for heavy-duty usage, to top it off this material is not easy stained and will not thread or fuzz out it keeps a new fresh look for a long period.

Allot of persons these days are purchasing the cheaper pool tables and be changing the felt cloth to this specific 760 brand giving the pool table a very high performance plays. Customizing your pool tables like this will also bring the value up of your pool table as well, most of the high-end pool tables will have this brand or a similar high-end felt on their playing surface.

The bottom line is if you can afford the best felt on your table its at my best advice to get it, playing on a professional platform or just playing at home will give the same feeling. At this rate, your game will not be off-balanced like most pool players when trying to adjust to a new or professional table gameplays.


  • It Carried The Original Worsted Blend
  • Used professional for all the different games of pool
  • High thread count
  • Long-lasting
  • Made for heavy-duty plays
  • 9ft However you can browse the store for the size you need as long it is off the same brand and model.
  • Will not pill, fluff or shed High-quality fabric


  • Expensive



5. CPBA Competition Worsted Professional Pool Table Cloth – Best Budget Quality felt

The list could not have been completed if the CPBA Competition Worsted felt was not on our listing of the best felts out there on the market. Some persons may even call this Simonos little sister, that’s to how good of a quality material this to be competing in comparison with the best out there. This specific felt is no strange to the market as well it is even been used professionally on tournament tables over the world for more than 20 years now.

This is an elite pool table cloth and it maintains a very low budget line, you basically get more hat what you are paying for with this felt. The worsted mixture is 80% wool & 20% nylon giving you fast plays and precision, like most the cloths out there they have a wide range of colors for you to choose from as well.

Like any other good quality material this fabric will not peel nor fuzz out it is guaranteed to give a long and smooth playing field. There is so much to say about this fabric type that would take up the rest of the article so I will just point out some of the high-end features in the features below so you see exactly what I am talking about.


  •  CPBA high-quality worsted blend
  • Superb playing experience
  • Durable
  • High thread count
  • Used in tournaments worldwide
  • Comes with pre-cut bed and 6 rails
  • 80% wool 20% Nylon
  • 100%. Pure Australian Wool
  • 24 oz per linear


  • A slight chance of receiving the wrong color felt this does not happen often.



How To Install A Pool Table Felt


I will not say it is simple like what most persons would say but the procedure can be learned with some of the everyday tools we have laying around the house. The most important thing when installing a pool table felt is to make sure you get on the felt as tightly and smoothly as possible, due to make sure the bed has absolutely nothing o it.

It is common that most manufactures will pre-cut the material for the table size felt you are ordering, on doing so its harder to mess the measurement up but it’s very important as well to make sure you have the correct measurements that you need for your table. The worst thing is not having enough cloth to wrap and finish your table so it is vital you know the measurement of your table.

The video above will give and the full sight of how the process is been done and the steps on which to follow to complete the process. We very much know-how expensive it can be to re-felt a pool table so we try to learn and adapt so we can save a bit more in our pocket.

Buying Guide For Best Pool Table Felt 

When buying a pool table cloth its best to get your self one that’s of quality, getting a cheap knock off made one will only let think look as if you are saving cash in your pocket at that specific time. Truth be told is that’s a lie, the table will be needing to re-rap in a very short time period.

It may even cause triple due to if you are getting it professionally done, it is safe to say that any of the above selections that my team and I have put together with the Best Pool Table Felt on the market will be a great choice of your choosing. The list contains a different budget line but I am sure there is one you will find that suits you best.

Pool Table Felt Maintainance

The first rule of maintaining the material on your pool table is to clean the table cloth and balls as much time as possible. If it is a commercial table in which it is been used on a daily basis then you should practice cleaning the table every closing hours daily. Doing so will help the material not to decay as fast as it would due to the chalk dust and other leftover things the table may have on the surface.

If it is that your pool table is for home usage only and gets the very minimal game plays then you could resort to cleaning the table at least once per week it does not matter if you play on it or not, excess dirt will build upon it damaging the cloth.

Store pool table away from direct sunray, that too will damage and burn the color of the cloth out in no time. A pool table should always be covered up once it is not been used, the more you care about it the longer it will last trust me. Absolutely no smoking over the pool table, the ask may fall and give the cloth a direct burn damaging the table felt instantly.

There are also special felt cleaning items that are out there on the market specially made for the job so can maintain a proper and well-playing pool table.

Woolen Felt Or Worsted Material Type

These two are basically the two main types of felts our there, they both are good material that will both give great gameplays, however, they both give a different ball role speed and durability. Woolen felt will be more popular to see and for persons to get because its cheaper, woolen felt are prone to pilling and does not guarantee to last for a long period.

The Woolen felt will give slower play as well but never the less it is still a good choice to use as long as you don’t use the extra cheap ones with no quality grade. Worsted is more expensive but will last and does not pill or fluff, this type is mostly used by professional players of the game and also used in competitive tournaments.

Worsted felt will give a faster play than a woolen felt and will give better gameplay, I would say if your budget can manage it would be best to get this type of felt but the wool is not a bad selection as well.

Short Summary

This full review on the top 5 Best Pool Table Felt For 2020 was detailedly research by my team and me to provide you with the most accurate results. We also added some informational topics that I am sure will be help full to you guys reading. I thank you for taking the time out to read our article I do hope it was useful to you in a some-what way.

Another fun factor I did not mention is that all these felt has a wide range of color selections to choose from giving the look you would desire the most.