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Best Pool Table Balls When You Are Passionate About It

Pool Table Balls

Get an idea of the best pool table balls. You are sure to have a good game if the balls are of top notch quality. Don’t compromise on the game ever.

Pool/Billiard balls are the most important aspect of the game because without them the game cannot be played. In this article, I will be listing the best pool table balls that you all should be playing with. If you are at a professional level of pool playing you will know the importance of using the right and correct pool bass on your pool table. The different balls and bring will give different roll in the game some give a heavier roll than some.

As we all know, the higher you range in cost the better and more durable pool balls you will find for the money. The extremely cheap billiard balls that I see on the market are really and truly no good if you are playing the game to be on a professional level. Some of the billiard balls I see persons recommending out there are for kids, they are tot meant to improve your game just fun.

Just look at it like this if you buy a set of kids billiard balls just because it is cheaper and you use it for your practice games that ball set would then give a totally different play and roles from the ones you will be using in your tournament match. By the time you probably take to adjust to the balls you are using your opponent will be way ahead of you if not won the game by then.

Let us now get into the listing with the best pool table balls that you guys should be using.

Best Pool Table Balls

Pool Ball setsRatingsPrice
Aramith Tournament Pro-Cup Pool BallsBest Pool Table Balls SetCheck Price
Aramith Pure Phenolic Pool BallsEditors ChoiceCheck Price
McDermott Galaxy Series Professional Billiards Pool BallsDesigners ChoiceCheck Price
Aramith Regulation Size Crown Standard Billiard/Pool BallsBudget FriendlyCheck Price
Loto AAA-Grade PRO Cup Pool-Billiard Cue BallBest Pool Cue BallCheck Price

1. Aramith Tournament Pro-Cup Pool Balls – Best Pool Table Balls Set

The name alone expresses how perfect these pool balls are, the Aramith Tournament pool balls are without a doubt the best pool balls out there on the market.  Most of the pool tournaments events out there you are going to see them using the Aramith tournament balls these balls give the best performances one got get from your ball reaction.

Because of the price it may cost you won’t see a novice pool player or pool table owner with there balls but as soon as you start playing even at an intermediate level you will see and notice the difference in ball plays. It’s common that persons will buy this set of billiard balls just to practice their professional gameplays.

Jumping into some aspects that make these balls so high value now for starters, these were made with Aramith’s Phenolic Resin. This would mean that the balls are super durable while making them in a catalog with the highest impact resistance of them all. It carries the all famous 6 red dot cue ball which provides better guidance where to hit to get the different spins.

The set comes with some additional items like a bottle of Aramith cleaning polish, a microfiber cloth these will keep your pool balls looking new and shiny at all times. The Aramith pool balls were created also from the Duramith Technology switch would be 4th generation alongside some modern high-tech features also.

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All these components that were used to craft these balls set will build up a high resistance on the balls for, fire burns, scratch resistance, atmospheric changes, high lifespan and not easily cracked. The color will remain bright and not easily added, perfectly balanced as well. These are also known to be generationally passed down billiard balls due to life span of lasting over 30 years.


  • Aramith’s 4th generation resin
  • Long-lasting
  • Maintains its color
  • Duramith Technology
  • Comes with free cleaning items
  • Tournament Pool Balls
  • Rebound & Playing Consistency


  • Expensive



2. Aramith Pure Phenolic Pool Balls – Editors Choice – 


This balls set is way more common to see in places like pubs and secondary places that carry commercial pool tables. The Aramith brand itself is the best for pool table balls and is guaranteed to last longer than most or I should proudly say all the other brands. This set is way cheaper than the number once choice making it much more comforting for persons to buy and use on their pool table.

It was built from the same Phenolic Resin, must the Aramith pool balls are made for this material some just carries additional features over some. These balls also have a high impact resistance as well and not easily scratched up or easily broken. The thing I like most about this brand is the fact that the balls won’t change color after a year of using and they all have a high friction resistance roll.

The bottom line is if you cannot afford the tournament ones then this is the best substitute you will ever find within this price range. It has most of the features that the tournament pool ball carries like, true ball rolls, perfect roughness, well balanced,  and more similar features.


  • Phenolic resin built
  • Vitrotech technology
  • Impact resistance
  • Affordable
  • Long-lasting
  • Great for all level players


  • Does not carry the 6 red dot cue ball



3. McDermott Galaxy Series Professional Billiards Pool Balls – Designers Choice


Want to add a little kick to your pool table in terms of a different look but you still want to maintain the professional weight of the ball performances. The McDermott galaxy series would be your best selection, it provides the same playing abilities just like any tournament ball would. The metallic look on these is something you won’t see every day on pool tables I am sure this is even the first time seeing most of you my readers are even seeing this.

The McDermott brand is a very widely known brand across the world for their high-end pool cues and shafts however they also make good billiard balls too. These are made from Professional Grade Resin as well so they not locking on the durability end as well theses are bound to last very long.

This billiard set will definitely draw all the attention from the audience to your pool table with its out of this world galaxy look and glossy metallic look and design. It is sure to attract lots of new players due to how fun and cool the game looks playing with these.

The bottom line is if you looking something different with a unique design from the standard look but you don’t want any of those knock off kids billiard set that has a totally different balance and roll from the tournament balls, this is your best pick.


  • Plays the same as any tournament set
  • Unique metallic galaxy look
  • Professional Grade Resin
  • Long-lasting
  • Perfectly Balanced
  • McDermott Brand


  • None that I can point out at this moment



4. Aramith Regulation Size Crown Standard Billiard/Pool Balls  – Budget Friendly


Forth on the list is the absolute best cheapest billiard ball set one could possibly get that’s of premium quality for such a low cost. I know when you probably click and see the price you won’t hesitate to purchase, the thing is that these sell so hard its not easy to see them in stock. Not to worry, I try my best to keep all the links up to date as well as keeping the link with the suppliers that provide on-time delivery.

I know the question you are asking in your head now is are these balls as good as the previous ones mentioned above. The answer to that would be yes, these were too made from Phenolic Resin and of the highest quality as well too. They are not fragile in no way and are impact resistance too, they may not be as glossy as the previous ones but they are perfectly balanced and plays very smooth.

The Aramith pool balls all cut to perfections and have a lot of detail within there built to get the best playing abilities from them. The only thing is this pack does not come with any additional accessories as most do but for this price range, the ball is good enough for the value.


  • Phenolic resin built
  • Regulations sized
  • Impact resistance
  • Last longer than most the other brands
  • Superior playability
  •  Perfect roundness
  • Well, balanced


  • None at the moment



5. Loto AAA-Grade PRO Cup Pool-Billiard Cue Ball – Best Pool Cue Ball


Closing the listing is the AAA-Grade Pro Cup Pool cue Ball, it carries the six dot navigation red dots for better plating ability skills. A cue ball gets the most pressures on the table so why not just equip yourself with the best and most durable one. This also was constructed from Phenolic Resin so we know its not easily scratch or damage and it has an advanced impact plays while at the same time not easily wear as well.

This cue ball has an extraordinary finishing polish that maintains the glossy look and maintains its perfect roundness, this is said to be called  Laser-tech. You can get this with the red or blue dot they come in both colors so be sure to get yourself one of these, I am sure it will increase your game skills at a faster rate than normal.


  • Phenolic Resin
  • Wear-resistant
  •  Laser-tech finishing coating
  •  6 dots
  • Red or Blue
  • Better controlling abilities





Best Pool Table Balls –Buyers Guide

When buying pool table balls it is always best to get the best pool table balls that you can afford. You will find plenty of cheap ones out there that will cost even under thirty dollars but I can assure you they are no good to be used if you want to scale up and start playing on a professional level. I will and can agree that if the sole purpose is just for entertainment at the house with family you can basically get any set of billiard balls the cheapest if you wish to.

If on the other hand, you are looking to get professional with your games I would personally recommend you playing with Aramith Pool/Billiard balls these are what most professional player uses and those are even what most pool tournaments use in their events. That’s just to show you how professional these are they give the best playing abilities and are very durable as well.

Pool table balls are made from a lot of different material but the best are made with Phenolic Resin so I will not get into the other types of materials because this is the best and most recommended. This type will last for years and years to come so why not get the best one within your budget. But as I mentioned above it won’t matter the built if you are not planning to play pro and it’s just for the household of the family, to be honest.


Every single selection above will be the best selection you will ever make when purchasing a set of pool/billiard table balls. The top 5 list was well put together by myself and a few others who made this possible with the proper researching skills to get the best result for you guys. It doesn’t make scenes to get a set that’s not of any good quality, a simple chip on the ball will spoil the whole set.

To top things off I even added the best pool cue ball to be using that will increase your cut plays and more in the game. I know its common that when buying most pool tables out there a set of pool/billiard balls will be added into that package as free but if you notice those balls won’t last very long. They are easy to damage, crack, loose shape, color, and more, that’s why its good to get something that’s of quality to last.

All for sets above include the cue ball will be more than its money worth and will provide the best playing abilities for the users. That said and done I thank you for taking the time out to read this article on the Best Pool Table Balls on the market for this year.

We do hope you liked our selections of the best pool table balls to be using on the market, these are the best of quality I can assure you that.