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The most expensive doesnt always mean the best. Look at our list of best pool cues under $100 and pick one to begin with. Start small and rise up the ranks

What pool cue should I buy?  This is a question that many have dallied over.  There are numerous factors to be taken into consideration before settling on the perfect pool cue for yourself.  Though pool is usually associated with class, sophistication, and wealth, it is not always necessary to enter a pool room looking like an Emperor.

Difference Between Expensive And Economical Pool Cues

Though it might surprise you, there is no major difference between expensive and economical pool cues.  Expensive pool cues are made of slightly superior materials and one cannot argue that they do provide a slight edge over ones that are not as costly, but you can easily make up for that in skill.

How Much Should I Pay For My First Pool Cue?

There is an unspoken rule that anything beyond 200 $ is an excess when it comes to your first pool cue.  If you are still a beginner and learning the ropes, you should consider getting a pool cue that is not as luxurious.  Take your time learning the tricks of the trade before you invest in an exorbitant pool cue.

Things To Consider When Buying Your First Pool Cue:

  • See that your first pool cue is just that, a pool cue.  Do not go overboard and spend a fortune on something that you are still learning.  Invest in a pool cue that is within your budget and also serves the purpose.
  • Your pool cue should suit you in terms of height, weight, etc.  There are specifications that you should look at before deciding on a particular pool cue.
  • Do consider style when selecting a pool cue.  Since a pool cue is a reflection of yourself, ensure that you like what you have selected.
  • Perform a thorough inspection for balance as well.  Do not invest in a substandard product just to save some bucks.

Best pool cues under $100

Pool cue namesRatingsPrice
Collapsar R Series 58inch Editors Choicecheck Price
CUESOUL 58 Inch Designers ChoiceCheck Price
Viper Junior 48″ 2-Piece Billiard/Pool CueBest for JuniorsCheck Price
Viper Underground 58″ 2-Piece Billiard/Pool Cue Lightweight cue stickCheck Price
EastPoint Sports Composite Billiard Pool CueBeginners friendlyCheck Price
AB Earth 2-Piece 58 Inches Pool CueBest BuyCheck Price
TaiBA 2-Piece Pool Best deflection rate for the moneyCheck Price
McDermott Classic Pool cueBest starter cue kitCheck Price

Having your own personal pool cue stick will definitely boost your skills in the game at a faster rate than normal. If you are a beginner or if you’re just about to buy your first pool stick but you are also watching your budget on how much you should be spending on a cue stick, we would highly recommend one of our top-ranked friendly-budgetary cues, that has all the basic features of a pro-level pool stick. 

My team and I have narrowed down the search for you guys so that finding the best pool sticks for your money wouldn’t be a problem, below we have composed that list for you guys with the best pool cues under $100. All the cues below were tested by our team members and myself so that we could make the best choice for you guys selection.  


1. Collapsar R Series 58inch 2-Pieces Maple Billiard Pool Cue PU GripBest pool cue for the money – (Editors Choice)


Best pool cues under $100

The collapsar R series is none the less a great choice of your choosing, we are not sure how long this pool stick will be kept under the $100 margin. This cue gives the feeling of every strike you make, the PU grip gives a comfortable hand grip to the cue as well, the tip of this cue is 13mm Multi-layer Leather Tip.

The design of this pool stick was well crafted with its B+ grade, hand-selected hard Canadian maple wood with joints of stainless steel and joint protector. This cue has the best to offer in features for a cue stick in its price range below $100, a pool stick like this will take you from a beginner’s level straight to competing in tournaments.


  • Accurate hits
  • Multi-weight System
  • Unique design
  • Joint Protector
  • PU sport grips
  • Affordable


  • Doesn’t  come with cue case


2. CUESOUL 58 Inch 19oz 1/2 Maple Billiard Stick Pool Cue Set-Best pool cue under $100 ( Designers Choice) 


The cuesoul pool stick has a great design and some pro-level features for a cue that costs also under the $100 budget line. this beauty carries a shaft that’s made from the Canadian maple wood and also have a special design decal butt, an additional asset that this pool stick comes with is a pool stick cleaning towel, most cues do not come with that.

The standard availability of this is 19oz/21oz, the cue is weight adjustable so you can adjust the best weight that suits you better. The tip is an 11.5mm/13mm tip, so you can choose between the tip of your choice, there’s also a variety of colors you can choose from as well, this gives a lot of choosing options for the buyer.


  • Cleaning towel
  • Joint protector
  • Decal butt
  • Affordable
  • Canadian maple wood shaft


  • A slight chance it will arrive not straight

3. Viper Junior 48″ 2-Piece Billiard/Pool Cue – Best pool cue for Juniors under $100( lightweight ABS joints) 


The viper junior, as you would already know the term junior is normally a smaller version of the original made. This is a pool stick made especially for the younger ones, who also love and have a passion for the game of pool, the more fitted age line for this would be from, age 10 up to the age of 14-15 years old.

The length of this pool stick is 48 inches long and weighs 16oz, this 2 piece can be easily separated for easy travel-friendly trips as well, overall your child would love this cue, it’s easy to handle and not so heavy for them. It has an amazing crafted design, it also features a lightweight ABS joints help provide smooth reaction hits.

This is made from quality hard Canadian Maple wood with, stainless steel rings along the forearm and sleeve, the tip of this is 13mm Le Pro leather tip.


  • Stainless Steel Rings
  • Lightweight ABS joints
  • 13mm Le Pro leather tip
  • Great design
  • Nylon Wrap


  • Only well fitted for juniors
  • Only 16-ounce cure weigh available


4. Viper Underground 58″ 2-Piece Billiard/Pool Cue – Lightweight cue stick  


The first thing that’s going to catch your eyes with this two-piece billiard is going to be the tattooed graphic designed wrap, the shaft, and the butt of this cue is been combined with a lightweight ABS joint to give a smooth touch in every play made in the game.

The standard availability of this is 18oz to 21oz, this pool stick is also been made from quality hard Canadian Maple wood. There’s no regret about owning this cue, it’s budget-friendly and durable at the same time, there are only limited pool cues out there with this price range that will give performances like this one.


  • Great design
  • 13mm Le Pro leather tip
  • ABS lightweight joints
  • Comfortable handling
  • Stainless steel rings


  • May not be perfect for sweaty hands persons


5. EastPoint Sports Composite Billiard Pool Cue – Best pool cue for beginners 


Best pool cues under $100

Never the less the Eastpoint sports pool stick would have to be in our listing, This cue cost below $50 and it is more than affordable for any first-time buyers to own. The cue features a fiberglass material and reinforcement, micro-fiber-grip, this pool stick also come in three different design styles, graphite, titanium, and fiber-tek.

It is 58 inches in height but weighs different ounces for each, the fiber-tek weights 19.4 ounces, the titanium weights 20.1 ounces and, the graphite weights 21.1 ounces as well, this cue includes a stainless steel joint system, aluminum ferrule, and a screw-on tip.


  • Fiberglass
  • Stainless steel joints
  • Aluminum ferrule
  • Screw-on tip
  •  Micro-fiber grip
  • Super Affordable


  • Case not Available
  • Comes with nothing to protect the cue
  • May arrive scratched up or warp


6. AB Earth 2-Piece 58 Inches Pool Cue – Best pool cue under $100 

This stick is mostly popular for its ergonomic design wrap, and its wide range of color choices to choose from. The standard length of this is 58 inches tall, the tip is made from leather and is 13mm. The standard available weights for this stick are 19-21oz.

The butt of this is a different design from the normal shape ones, it has a wavy shape at the butt end of the stick which gives a superb grip and is said to be anti-slip proof. The Painting on the butt end is also handmade painting, each color cue has a different handmade painting design.

Overall this is an amazing cue, it doesn’t feel like how a normal cheap pool stick would feel in your hands while playing.


  • Anti-slip proof
  • Very affordable
  • Durable
  • Ergonomic design


  • Not the best for English shots


7. TaiBA 2-Piece Pool – Best deflection rate for the money


The standard length of this is 58 inches, the tip is 13mm, the available ounces for these cues are 19-21 Oz. We have seen a numerous amount of professional pool players using this stick all around the world, simply means that this has some great features for the money.

This is also said to be somewhat of a low deflection pool stick, the grip has a solid non-slip feeling in your hand, the firm grip also gives a more powerful strike. This has a simple design to it, it’s also coated with 9 layers of varnish, and is made from quality hard Canadian maple wood.

This is perfect for both beginners and professional players, it will increase your skill level of the game no matter where you’re at in your skill level of the game. The weight adjustable system makes it more unique for a cue with this budget as well.


  •  Reduces Deflection
  • Multi-weight System
  • grip control


  • Rare to be in stock


8. McDermott Classic Pool cue – Best starter cue kit


On like the other featured cues on this list, this is quite different from them all, for starters, it has no wrap, not having a wrap does not mean it is no good, it simply means your going to feel a more control duration with this no-wrap feature. This is a more beginner’s friendly stick, it comes with the case master for the cue and chalk as well.

The tip of this is a 13mm which is a good tip for all beginners, the standard available weights are 18-21 oz. The downside to this is that the design is very plain and is just available in one single color, the best part of buying this is that it comes with all the necessary tools in the kit without having to purchase them separately.

All said and done this is very durable and a good buy, the design may be poor but it’s bound to last for a while if it does not come damaged, please be sure to check on item as soon as you have received it, due to how the first time a friend ordered this stick it came with the tip used and was warp.


  • Comes with the full kit when just ordering the cue stick alone
  • No Wrap which will give you a better hold and control
  • Good Breaking cue
  • Beginner-friendly


  • Delivered with tip/shaft damaged


Benefits of owning your own cue

Owning your own cue will definitely increase your skill level of learning how to play the game at a faster paste, I think it’s beneficial to all lovers of the game of pool to have there owned personal game stick, no matter the price it may cost.

Having your own personal cue and knowing how it plays will let you know how to contour certain difficult shots you may come across in the game. Every single pool stick will give a different playback effect when using it in the game.

If you’re just up and about, going around bouncing from pool table to pool table and using their pool cues sticks, without knowing for sure if the cue sticks are even straight to be exact or if the tip of it is even alive or dead, which would all give different feedback from the game.

The disadvantage of going around using multiple pool cues are, having to adjust each time, not knowing the abilities of each cue your using, therefore giving you a longer learning period of the game.

Is the case important?

Best pool cues under $100

If your main reason when purchasing a pool cue is for home purposes, and your stick will only be in one single spot at all time after using it, and you don’t use it for any travel-related friendly outdoor game, a case would not be a necessity for you, therefore you could cut the budget by not having to get one due to the fact that the sole purpose of it would be to play or practice at home.

However, if your a person that plays pool mostly outside of your house, a case would be a necessity to get for your stick. Most cases are very easy to travel with, it protects the cue from getting scratched up or from certain damage.

A  case will be definitely important to you especially if you’re a competitive player, you don’t want to be in any hurry and be leaving your small items behind, once you’ve packed your cue stick, chark, glove, and other related items in your case am sure just grabbing the case with everything in it will be very convenient.

Does the size or weight of the cue stick matter?

It is important to be playing with a pool stick that is the perfect weight and size for you, every player will find a specif size or weight more comforting to handle. The most popular weights out there are from 17 ounces to 21 ounces, and the standard custom cues will be 19ounces in which most cues are made as.

Even though cues will weight below the 17 ounces and more than the 21 ounces, it is not a standard weight in which you would mostly find them in. Cues like those won’t be in standard availability, you would have to search for a specif brand that carries those weight.

The standard size stick would be 57-59 inches in length(140-150cm) however, there are also available in shorter lengths for junior like 48 inches in length, the most common length would be 58 inches the wider range of player would tend to use, so if your 5ft8-6ft4 in height, the 58 inches would be a fit for you in 19 ounces.

Does it really matter what cue stick I get?

As a beginner, I don’t really think it matters the type of cue stick you would buy to practice your game with, starting out am not sure a person will want to be buying a pool stick over a certain budget, most persons would tend to purchase something that’s under the $100 margin.

You have some cues out there that are total trash, especially the ones that are super cheap, they will loose there straightness very quick, the tip of those cues will easily fall off, the overall cue will be easily damaged. that’s why we have up above the best pool cues under $100, that are durable and carries the best features one can get in their cue within that budget.

Now if you’re a competitive player, you’re going to want a more complex and unique game stick for your matches. You’re now going to want a specific tip size, low defection cue, a special wrap with grip or without, the main idea is that you are going to want a more custom stick, with all the high features of a quality cue stick for your competitive games.

Cues like that won’t be below the $100 price range, they’ll be above. A beginner won’t have to worry about that until they have become a competitive player and needs to upgrade to better stick, so for the moment a beginner player of the game doesn’t need a direct specific cue to learn with, it makes no sense buying a cue stick that cost $500 when one for $80 will get the job done for you.

What accessories should I get?

There’s a number of accessories out there that one can get for their cue, it’s going to all depends on what level of the game you’re at, the different level would mean you need different things. But just keeping it basic, the three most important ones are, case master, chalk, and a tip shaper, the tip shaper would even be more on the professional player side to have as a necessity item but they are all good to have for good upkeep for your stick.

Buyers Guide: Choosing the perfect cue stick

Choosing a pool stick may seem difficult if it’s your first time around looking one to buy, and you may have no experience on how to make the right choice or what cue stick you would like. Below we are going to break things down on an easier method you can use to narrow down your search, keep in mind that looking for the best pool cues under $100, you may not see all the direct features within this budget.

The tip

There’s no such thing as choosing the wrong tip on a cue, every tip has its advantages and disadvantages playing with. The standard tip size would range from 11 to 14mm and are made from a leather material texture, they would normally be a very soft leather texture or super hard texture of the leather.

A soft tip would have more control over the cue ball, but also cutting the power of the plays from the cue stick. A soft tip will give more spins, better cut shots on the cue ball, in which a hard tip will drive maximum power to the cue ball but less control. The standard tip that most person uses is 13mm tip medium tip, to get both control and power.

So if it’s your first time purchasing a cue stick I would recommend a 13mm medium tip for your pick, and am positive once you have used that cue tip size fo a while, you will definitely know exactly what size tip your best fitted with for the skill level of your game.

The weight

The most common weights for standard cues are, 17 to 21oz, the heavier the cue stick is the more power it will produce in the game. As a beginner, your going to find a heavier cue more comforting to use for you in hand, the most recommended cue weight across the world would be a 19-ounce stick.

Most cues now will have a weight adjustable bolts in them, so that you can adjust the cue stick to your comfort, by removing the bolt or replacing it with a lighter or heavier bolt.

The Wrap 

The wrap of the cue is the thick butt end of the stick, this is the part of the cue that you will get the most skin contact with. There are many types of wraps available on cues, the most popular and common ones are linen and leather wrap cues.

The linen wrap will give a more quality feel on the cue stick if your a person with sweaty palms, this type of wrap would be ideal for you to be using. A leather wrap will give a better grip on the cue but it also causes moisture to develop, there’s even wrap that sucks the moisture in to keep your grip a firm hold, but as the price scales up the better quality wraps will be available to you.

Best pool cues under $100 tips:

  • Don’t let your cue stick be soaked in any form of water, persons will do so when cleaning their stick.
  • Try not to store your pool stick in a hot or very cold area, it will cause the stick to warp.
  • Do not apply any oil substance to your cue, trying to give it a shine, it will damage your cue.
  • Always keep your cue in the case when you’re not using it in a game.
  • Do not rub the tip of the cue on the ground, trying to get a rough edge.