See The Best Pool Cue Tip Glue That You Can Use Now

Pool cues and their tips need to be maintained. They are fragile, so get reviews on the best pool cue tip glue. This will keep your cue in good condition

It doesn’t really matter how expensive or cheap your pool cue stick is, the tip of the cue is going to be worn out at some point in time. It could also be that you have changed the tip on your pool cue stick and the tip keep falling off, the main cause of that could simply be poor glue selection. Truth be told is, not because the glue can hold a piece of paper together means it can hold a leather cue tip to a hard cue stick and be durable.

What I always see occurring is that after some persons have changed the tip on their pool cue stick and it keeps falling off, they always want to blame the pool brand or the stick in general instead of thinking that they may have not used the correct glue for the situation at hand.

Below I will be listing the top 3 best pool cue tip glue that is now on the market, long-lasting and easy to use. The glue selection is not just random glues, all glues are glues that I myself has used alongside with other professional players of the game.

The next most important thing to keep in mind before you add the glue to the surface of what you are gluing, please make sure the surface is well smooth down and clean. This can also be the reason why the tip not holding for a longer period, due to the dirt and the glue all mixed up, without further due let us jump into the list.

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Best Pool Cue Tip Glue

Super GluesRatingsPrice
Loctite Liquid Professional Super GlueEditors ChoiceCheck Price
Gorilla Super Glue with Brush & NozzleBest BuyCheck Price
TIGER Glue for Billiard Pool Cue TipsMost Accurate For Pool TipsCheck Price

1. Loctite Liquid Professional Super Glue – Editors Choice

Best Pool Cue Tip Glue

The Loctite super glue sits high on the top of this listing, this super glue actually does what all super glue should be doing. The Loctite super glue is extremely great with holding wood, rubber, plastic and leather material, therefore, holing a leathered tip to the ferrule second nature for this glue. I personally recommend using this specif glue on your pool cue tip, I have used it over the years and I have nothing bad to say about this glue in terms of durability and performance-wise.

Is like there is no end to how amazing this glue is, it dries very quickly, so if you are even in the middle of your game and your tip chooses to fall off, the glue takes 10-15 second to set and your back in the game again. As a professional or any league players of the game, we very much know-how important our cue accessories can be to us and having a good glue on us at all times is important as well.

The pool cue sticks aside, this glue can almost glue anything in your household that’s been broken or damaged, its an excellent glue for your pool cue case as well if it’s been torn up as well. This gue is less messy than most due to its clear built structure, a next thing is atmospheric changes do not affect the durability of the glue.


  • Its super good with leather, wood, china, metal, rubber, ceramic, paper,  and most plastics.
  • Quick-dry 10-15 seconds
  • Can withstand cold or heat waves
  • Low viscosity
  • Tall beak for hard to reach spots when applying glue


  • The long beak easily blocks up if left open for over 60 seconds.



2. Gorilla Super Glue with Brush & Nozzle – Best buy

When you hear the term Gorilla, you already know it is signifying that its a beast. This glue will almost glue anything you give it, I’ve only used this glue once and it worked well for the tasked I had at hand for it. This super glue carries a special feature that most glue does not have, a small brush, with the gorilla glue you can choose between using the nozzle and the brush.

The main purpose of the brush is to give the user more control and to cause less mess, so they basically give us the choice to choose between using the brush or the nozzle however the nozzle is faster. The liquid glue inside the tube is a bit on the thicker side of most super glues out there, it also carries a cloudy light gray look and its gonna get a bit darker when the glue is dried up as well.

Don’t be worried, it’s not gonna be that of a bothering big bright dried up glue look but it will leave something, I guess the brush is to make sure that nothing is on the outside to show the light cloudy look. That aside, the glue is strong enough to glue back up pool cue stick that has been broken up to bits, and I bet the pool cue would still come out as straight as ever.

The bottom line is the gorilla super glue is a great super glue to use, it is very durable as well and quick dry. Just take in mind that if u are looking a glue to totally hide something that has been broken and fixed up back this glue is not 100% accurate with that but it is guaranteed to hold for sure.


  • Brush & nozzle features
  • Durable
  • Best suited for fabric, stone, plastic, metal, ceramic, rubber, paper
  • Can be left open for a minute or 2 without hardening up


  • Some may say its too thick
  • Brush hardens after awhile



3. TIGER Glue for Billiard Pool Cue Tips – Most accurate for Pool Tips


Best Pool Cue Tip Glue

This specif glue was built exactly to hold your tip on your pool cue stick as if it had never fallen off in the beginning. A friend of mine used this glue on his pool cue tip and trust me, the cue tip has not fallen back off since that, am not going to lie, I have been hearing about this glue from a while now but I just always prefer to stick to the branding I know.

I was hearing so much about this glue for pool cue tips that I even start doing some in-dept investigations, I even sent out a message to all the members in my pool club and other friends as well to see what glue they had been using over the years, when I got back the results I was like, damn. 80% of them were using tiger glue, it is fully functional guys this glue is definitely the glue u should be using, the other glues are also a great choice as well.

The only benefit I see really with this glue is that it was specially built for the leather material to hold on the ferrule of the pool cue tip. The next thing is once you see the glue turns to a gel looking substance it means that the glue has lost its strength and won’t be as good so, please check to see if it is thick or watery upon delivery.


  • High performance (CA)
  • Very Durable
  • Especially for pool cue tips
  • 10 to 20 seconds of glue time


  • Dry up very fast



How To Change A Pool Cue Tip – Simple Steps

  1. Remove damaged tip.
  2. Make sure the surface is clean and smooth by using a sharp object preferable razor or knife.
  3. Remove all old glue off the ferrule, make sure to sand smoothly with smooth sandpaper.
  4. After ferrule is clean, wipe with dry a try material to make sure the surface has nothing left on it.
  5. Add selecting glue you have chosen above on the ferrule.
  6. Place the tip on top of the ferrule.
  7. Hold for at least 10 minutes, pressing the tip on ferrule with little force.
  8. Remove any part of the tip that is wider than is the ferrule.
  9. Shape the tip with a sander in the same circular body as the ferrule is shaped
  10. Process completed you have easily changed your pool cue tip