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The Best Pool Cue Racks are necessary when you want a safe and stylish place to store your cues. Keep them well and let them be a style statement. Visit us

Having a pool cue rack is important in so many ways more than you could think, they are great for making available space, formal and organized storage for your cue sticks and other cue accessories including the billiard playing balls. Some people will even have a rack just to show off there designer pool cue sticks or tournament winning cue sticks, so as you can see they can be used for a majority of things.

If this is your first time around looking a pool cue rack to buy then you are in the right place, choosing your first rack to buy can be somewhat confusing, there will be a few things to take into consideration before rushing to the purchase. Things to consider are whats the main purpose of the rack, commercial usage or home usage after figuring that you are gonna want to know whats the best rack that would then suit the type of rack you need.

A standard rack, wall cue rack, corner cue rack or just a simple straight rack, all those racks are all exceptional racks and a good buy. Bellow, I will be listing the top seven pool cue racks that are currently on the market now, I will be also listing all the different types and the best usage for them so I am just you will be able to find the one that suits you best below.

Last but not least, you need to think about how much cue sticks are you buying it to hold as well.

Best Pool Cue Racks

Cue RacksRatingsPrice
Billiard Stick Wall Rack Made of WooBest BuyCheck Price
Fat Cat 2-Piece Wall Mounted Cue RackMost InexpensiveCheck Price
Floor Stand with Scorer Choose Cue Rack Editors ChoiceCheck Price
Pool/Billiard Stick & Ball Set Floor Stand cue RackBest Floor RackCheck Price
Billiard Stick Cue Rack StandSimple ElegantCheck Price
Iszy Billiards Wall Cue Rack Designers ChoiceCheck Price
GSE Games & Sports Floor Cue Rack MetalCheck Price

1.Billiard Stick Wall Rack Made of Wood – Best Buy

Firstly, the cue sticks and balls you see will not be included its just the rack, so as you see here now this comes with the storage area of 6 pool cue sticks, one set of billiard ball space it also can hold both 8 and 9 ball pool racks. The rack also comes in three different color polishing, black, mahogany, and oak.

This cue rack is very easy to set up as well as pulling down, its a beginners friendly cue rack the price is also more than affordable for all. As you see in the name description this is a wall rack, it takes up no ground space on the floor so if its a wall rack you are looking for this would be a great selection for you.

This cue rack can be both used for at home or commercial usage, it is really an all-rounder cue rack its nice to have. It will look great no matter where you hang this piece of beauty up.


  • Hold 6 pool cue sticks
  • Holds a set of billiard balls
  • Has 8 and 9 ball pool rack hanging spot
  • It measures 28 1/4″H X 27 1/4″W X 2 3/4″D
  • Made of wood


  • Cheap Wood used to craft item

Best Pool Cue Racks


2. Fat Cat 2-Piece Wall Mounted Cue Rack – Most Inexpensive

Next on the listing is another wall-mounted cue rack, however, this is the most inexpensive durable cue rack that’s on the market. This type is commonly used for commercial usage they are popularly seen in pubs or other commercial pool game rooms. These are also very easy to set up and can hold up to 8 pool cue sticks max, they also have a smaller one that holds 6 if the eight is too much for you as well.

It has a pretty simple design but best believe that they are very durable and once attached to the wall they stay there as well. I would say that this specif cue rack takes up the least amount of space out of all the others, and with this Priceline no wonder this cue rack has a high volume of purchases.


  • Made with wood
  • Durable
  • Comes in mahogany and oak
  • Holds 8 and the other type hold 6
  • Most affordable


  • No space for the billiard racks and the balls


3. Floor Stand with Scorer Choose Cue Rack – Editors choice

This needs no screwing up on the wall like the previous ones listed, this is a floor rack its also good for placing in the corner. It comes in black, mahogany and dark oak all beautiful and well crafted, it holds up to eight pool cue sticks and a set of billiard balls. The rack includes some rubber rings in the cue holes to prevent wood to wood contact, it also comes with four score counters.

Bottom line this cue rack has all the features a cue rack can have and more, to my knowledge this rack is one of the best on the market. The only disadvantage to this is that it may be some-what a bit challenging to set up at first but I am sure the set comes with a manual instruction book to help.


  • Measures 22 1/4″H x 14″W x 14″d
  • Rubber rings
  • Holds 8 cue sticks and a set of billiard balls
  • Durable
  • Floor rack
  • comes with 4 built-in score counter
  • Three different colors
  • made of Hardwood


  • Slight chance it may not come in the color you have ordered


4. Pool/Billiard Stick & Ball Set Floor Stand cue Rack – Best Floor Rack –

This floor pool cue rack will hold almost all your accessories and still be holding up to 10 pool cue sticks, this rack is the ultimate rack for all and everything.  This cue rack is what they call a straight floor pool cue rack, they are mostly used in homes or at-home game rooms. It will be more common to see persons using the wall rack for commercial usages and the floor rack for indoor home-usage.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that it is only used home usage only am just saying the majority of persons buying this would normally buy it to use in a more friendlier environment. This cue rack is also available in three colors as well the mahogany, oak, and black, the setting up is not that dificult as well.


  • Measures 31 1/4″ H X 29 1/2 W X 8 7/8″ D
  • Holds 10 cues and a full set of balls
  • Rubber rings
  • Hook for ball rack and space for chalk, brush and a few other accessories
  • Durable
  • Made of Wood


  • A bit on the expensive side


5. Billiard Stick Cue Rack Stand – Simple Elegant –

Last on our list is a simple round-shaped rack, this rack can hold up to nine pool cue sticks at max capacity. This rack is suited to go anywhere it takes up little space and is easy to relocate anywhere you see fit. This cue rack is not as common as the featured ones above, you won’t see this as much as you see the others.

In this cue rack, your pool cue should be faced up meaning the butt goes in first and the tip will be facing upwards to the sky. All nine holes have a rubber ring protection in them to prevent the cue from damage, although this rack does not carry the space to hold a set of billiards it can hold a few other items of the game like the cue ball, chalk, and the brush.


  • Holds nine-ball at max capacity
  • Rubber rings in holes
  • Available in black, oak and mahogany
  • Measures  32 3/4″ X 14 1/2″ W top and 16″ wide bottom
  • Durable
  • Good Design


  • Slight chance it will arrive without the full nine rings in holes for protection.


6. Iszy Billiards Wall Cue Rack – Designers Choice

The Iszy billiard cue rack comes in three different coatings, dark oak, black, and mahogany, from just looking at this cue racks you can already tell its nothing like an ordinary cue rack. This is more of a designer’s piece from the other wall racks that are on the market. It has a built-in clock that worst very well, this specif wall rack was built to hole ten cue stick at max capacity.

Unlike the rest, this was made from 100% wood and specially treated to keep its form and durability. This rack is none the less a masterpiece, it has the amount of space to hold actually everything from cue balls to the big bulk of chalk, there is nothing really this wall rack cant hold.

The main fault I see with this is that on ordering this it’s a 50/50 chance they will mess up the color you have ordered and send a different color. The next fault to be aware of is that it can come with eight cue slots instead of ten but other from those this is a great gift for a fan of any cue spot person,


  • Has a built-in clock
  • 100% wood
  • Great design
  • Holds 10 cue sticks
  • MDF board
  • Lots of extra space for accessories


  • Slight chance arrives in the wrong color that was ordered or a cue stick slot missing

Best Pool Cue Racks


7. GSE Games & Sports Floor Cue Rack – Metal –  

This is a simple pool cue rack but it’s bound to last forever, it was crafted with heavy-duty metal upon the construction of this cue rack. This floor rack will hold a maximum of six cues at maximum storage and comes in about four different colors. This cue rack is also very easy a move around its has weight lifting but still an easy object to move around.

The downside to this metal long-lasting cue rack is, the ring holes are metal as well and do not have any rubber cushions to protect the cues from rough end damages. Another downside is that it has no additional extra space to hold no other accessories but the cue sticks, I guess this bright side is it will last the longest out of al the wooden cue racks.


  • measurements are 11″W x 11″D x 24″H
  • Maximum cue stick slots 6
  • Metal
  • Good for small spaces
  • GSE rack


  • Rack holes only fit a diameter of 35mm(1.37 inch) pool cue sticks.
  • No rings inside the ring hole to fully protect your cue stick

How To Choose A Pool Cue Rack – Buying Guide

To keep things simple, do you need a cue rack to go on the wall or the floor, those are the two main types of racks available on the market floor and wall rack. Once you have fully thought about which of the two would be best for you, I am sure the listing above will be just perfect for you.

The next thing to take into consideration is, how many cues you would like the cue rack to hold, some will hold six and will go as much as holding 20 cue sticks at a time, sadly, I have not listed the one that holds the 20 in the listing above because those cur racks are rarely sold. But yes, you are going to need to know how much you need the cue rack to hold and also if you wish for it to have any space to hold the billiards balls and other accessories.

Next would be your budget, how much are you willing to invest on a pool cue rack, di you need something cheap or do you need something that will last and still be on a good budget. Either way there is nothing to worry about the list above is fully budgetary friendly, when this listing was creating this we took in mind of the best pool cue racks that are in some friendly price range and that are very durable as well.

That aside, most pool cue racks will last a very long time no matter the price range as long as the item did not come damaged. They basically stay in one single spot for the rest of there time so there is no real danger of damaging fast unless done physically.

Floor cue rack VS wall cue rack

It does not matter which one you get they are both good to have, the only this that they both have their pros and cons to them in a slight way. A floor cue rack best advantage is that it will be very easy to relocate or move around freely at no hassle. A floor cue rack will hold more than a normal wall rack would, like for eg, the set of billiard balls, chalk, brush and those on. The cons to the floor rack are that it has a higher chance of damaging the cues in the event of turning over or any other accident that may occur.

The wall cue rack is not easy to move around, once it is placed on the wall it can, however, be moved but it will not be as easy to freely move around. The fact that the wall rack will be firmly placed on the wall it is not possible to turn over or be damaged in any kind of accidental incident by players. A wall rack takes up no ground space and little on the wall as well.

Wall racks are known to be more durable as well and more often used for the use of a commercial pool table usage. The disadvantage to the walls racks are that they don’t pack as many features like the floor racks like for eg, a score counter, these are mostly found on the floor racks. Depending on what type of wall rack you get they don’t really come with a lot of extra space for storing accessories.