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Get the best pool cue for the money so that you dont waste your money on one that is not as good. Read our reviews and save yourself some precious bucks.

It is only obvious to want the best when you are putting down money for it.  Pool cues are no different, and if this is your first time buying a pool cue for yourself, you might feel a little overwhelmed with all the products in the market.  

Not only are we here to give you a list of the best of the best, but we will also give you some helpful tips on how you can buy the perfect pool cue for yourself.

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Points To Remember Before Buying Your First Pool Cue

  • Keep a medium to low budget.  It is unwise to burn a hole in your pocket while purchasing your first pool cue because you are still learning the ropes of the game.
  • Think about the kind of pool cue tip you want.  There are many in the market, eg, soft tips, hard tips, medium tips.  Read up on the functions of each of them and choose what you think will work best for you.
  • It is a good idea to use a couple of borrowed pool cues.  This will give you a general idea of what you are looking for.  So visit your local pool club and try out some samples.
  • Determine the length of the cue you want.  Taller persons are usually more comfortable with longer cues, and vice versa.  If you are of average height, stick with the regular 55”.
  • Consider the weight of the cue as well.  You can easily purchase weights that you can screw onto the butt end of your pool cue.  The weight of a pool cue is totally a matter of personal preference.
  • There are also different wraps that you can choose from, so think about that as well.
  • Speak to a professional, to get a better idea.

Our listing below will be a bit different from the normal, we are going to be listing the best pool cue for the money within their specific price ranges. The pricing will be variant from low to high, from sets to special usage pool cues so that everyone can find the best pool cue within the budget that suits them best.

This listing will be in a best-rated order ranking within there price margin from the lowest to the highest in cost, please keep in mind that a higher value pool cue stick will carry a lot more features than the lower cost ones. With the wide variety of pool cue selections that are on the market today, we have done some detailed research on organizing this list for you guys.

Best Pool Cue For The Money

Pool CuesRatingsPrice
CUESOUL 58 Inch Maple Billiard Stick Pool CueBest Under $50Check Price
COLLAPSAR R Series 58Inch cue stickBest Under $100Check Price
Players Classic Birds-Eye Maple with Triple Silver Rings CueBest Under $150Check Price
Players Technology Series HXT15 Two-Piece Pool CueBest Under $200Check Price
Pure X Players HXTE2 Billiards Pool Cue StickBest Under $250Check Price
McDermott G-Series – G321 Pool Cue Stick Best Under $300Check Price
Lucasi Custom LZC12 Pool Cue stickBest Under $350Check Price
Lucasi Dark Wood Diamond Pool Cue stickBest Under $400Check Price
Players Set of 1 Piece Pool Cue Sticks ( 4 or 8 Cues)Home Or Bar SetCheck Price
Players JB5 Midnight Black Jump Break CueBest Break/Jump cue StickCheck Price
Imperial Premier Cyclone 2-Piece Pool Cue StickBest Home Cue for players 5ft7 and belowCheck Price
Short 48″ 2 Piece Hardwood Maple Pool Cue stickBest For JuniorsCheck Price
Lucasi Custom Super Birds-Eye Pool Cue stickBest Under $500Check Price
. IgnatGames 2-Pieces Pool Cue Stick with Hard Case Most affordable beginners setCheck Price

1. CUESOUL 58 Inch Maple Billiard Stick Pool CueBest Under $50

Please note that if you click the link and you change the tip size on amazon from the 11.5 mm tip to the 13mm tip, the price will very much change and it won’t be below the price margin.

That out the way, we can now talk about the magnificent design structure this pool cue comes with, you mostly see designs like these on some very high price cues in the market, not the average cues that are within these price line.

The cue seems to be an average cue stick in regards to player ratings, especially for new members that are not looking to spend much on their first pool cue stick. I have spoken with the various person that uses this cue to see how well the cue performs overtime, the most common negative feedback we had got was that the cue warps over the period of a year and honestly to me that’s not bad for a super cheap pool stick.

Pro Features:

  • Canadian Maple Wood Built
  • Joint Protector
  • Decal Butt
  • Very affordable
  • Great design
  • Linen Thread Wrap


  • Slight chance of arriving Damage


2. COLLAPSAR R Series 58Inch cue stick – Best Under $100 –

Another magnificent pool stick, the Collapsar R series is none the less the best within its price range. The cue carries some good features, even more than a few I see on some high brand cues. The cue is equipped with a PU gripping handle which would give a superb grip control, the best you would find within the budget range.

The cue comes with a multi-weight adjustable system so that you can easily adjust to whatever suits you best. The cue has a very unique design to it and is available in two different colors, black, and white, most people prefer the black over the white due to the fact that its a darker shade and require less cleaning maintenance.

B+ Grade hard Canadian maple wood was used to craft the shaft of this cue and hard maple for the forearm. It’s not the best but we still have to always take in consideration of the value it is at, most of the cues that are within this price range that was constructed from Canadian maple would normally use a lower grade is just that you would not know if its low or high grade.

Pro Features: 

  • Affordable
  • PU grip
  • Weight adjustable system
  • Good Design
  • 13mm Leather tip
  • Joint Protector
  • Rubber Bumper


  • Casemaster not available for brand


3. Players Classic Birds-Eye Maple with Triple Silver Rings Cue Best Under $150

A very smooth selection when choosing this pool stick, the player’s classic birds eye maple pool cue. This is the zone where most persons will feel more comfortable purchasing a pool cue within its budget, the design of this pool cue is not too bright but not too dull at the same time it is just a smooth looking unique cue.

The cue is built up of North American Hard Rock Maple wood, which is the best when it comes to the creation of quality pool cues. To prevent the wood from easy warping or any atmospheric changes the wood was specially coated with a special wood stabilizer to prevent those from happening.

To my knowledge, this pool stick is a muli factored standard cue and can be used for various types of games. With so many cues to use these days finding the right cue stick to use can turn out being a hassle,  this cue fits both beginners and intermediate player of the game the best, am not saying it is not good for a professional player to use am just stating the fact that more player of those level tend to purchase them more.

Pro Features:

  • Hard oak leather tip
  • 13mm Tip
  • Stainless steel joint
  • Irish linen wrap
  • Slip-free grip
  • Super UV Finish
  • A pro taper and French Cue Wax


  • Slight chance arrives warped

Best Pool Cue For The Money


4. Players Technology Series HXT15 Two-Piece Pool CueBest Under $200


View On Amazon

The Players Technology HXT 15 is no stranger to market, this cue is said to have one of the best shafts within its price line. Some persons even call the cue the kind of low deflection impacts these days, the cue contains a low deflection shaft and ferrule, state of the art to be exact.

This pool stick is definitely a beast in the right person’s hand, or even with enough practice am sure you will break down mountains using this cue. This cue is built from 100% North American Hard Maple Wood, a firm and solid structure, the overall design of this cue is beautiful and also packing some pro features as well.

Once you get ahold of this pool cue stick in your hand your going to know right there and then that this is the cue for you. The cue carries a kamul black tip which would an excellent ball controlling abilities and durability as well, most pro-players tend to prefer using a Kamul black tip on their pool sticks.

Pro Features:

  • Unique Design
  • Low Deflection shaft & Ferrule
  • Increased shot control
  • Special lightweight polymer core
  • Impressive Irish linen wrap
  • Durable
  • Stabilizer (Protects from atmospheric changes)
  • Special Epoxy Finish
  • Slimline White Implex Butt Cap


  • The tip is easily worn out
  • Not for Breaking


5. Pure X Players HXTE2 Billiards Pool Cue StickBest Under $250 – 

There is just nothing bad to say about this cue, the Pure X Players HXTE2 cue stick has one of the finest design structures of them all. The cue has a special embossed lizard genuine leather wrapping design, which provides a more sturdy grip overall handling for your plays. This cue is very eye-catching, there’s no way you are going to pull out this cue without pulling attention to your self.

The cue is not all just beauty its a monster as well, this cue is not a beginner’s friendly pool stick it is more suited for a skilled player of the game. With the Kamui Black soft tip, it gives the best ball controlling abilities and will execute for all your English and cut shots with no strains. In the field of accuracy, this cue is fully on point one of the finest on the market within its price range.

My opinion is to get this cue stick from now because a cue like this once it gets too popular on the market the price is going to go sky-high. This is not an average pool cue that you will see everywhere this specific model is special to the cut is rare but it is a great cue stick to have in your collection.

The only fault a friend of mine had with it was the soft tip was easy worn out and that is most soft tip users problem, so what he had done was to just change the soft tip to a medium-hard tip. On doing so he had a super custom LD pool cue at his disposal, from there on then it was like magic he says, the cue had power and accuracy on equal terms.

Pro Features:

  • Low Deflection Shaft
  • Premium Kamui Black Tip
  • Genuine Leather Wrap
  • 5/16 x 18 joint
  • Durable
  • Unique Design
  • Stabilizer
  • Stainless steel pin
  • Slim shaft


  • Soft tip easy worn out
  • Comes with No Case


6. McDermott G-Series – G321 Pool Cue StickBest Under $300

The all American pop star pool cue stick, the McDermott G- series, the cue has some good features and is well built as well. This cue stick is not very easily in stock so when u get a chance to own this baby you should if your budget can manage, this cue stick is more on the popular side, the reason for saying that is the fact that I mostly see popular celebrities using this cue.

The cue has some really nice features as well, the shaft is compacted with a G-Core technology shaft which does wonders. The stability and accuracy are more heightened with this cue, its no surprise thought the McDermott branding is very popular for creating well built and technologies cue sticks.

It may seem a bit expensive for some persons but truth be told this is one the cheapest cue stick that this brand has to offer, the McDermott high quality and high-performance cues go all the up to over 6k for a single cue stick. I know you probably saying wow, but yes they are a high-end brand of pool cues.

Pro Features: 

  •  G-Core shaft technology
  • Triple-layer carbon-fiber core
  • Radial Consistency
  • Carbon fiber ferrule core
  • Exotic woods
  • Bright Unique Design
  • Lightweight


  • Less Power


7. Lucasi Custom LZC12 Pool Cue stick Best Under $350

Another one of the all-natural wood design wrapless handle pool cue, the Lucasi custom LZC12 mystic black and curly pool cue stick is another one of them wrapless handle cues just bursting with features. This pool cue is not a cue you would want to take your eyes off, not even to take a little restroom break you are definitely going to want to walk with your cue as you should as well.

It’s funny but not that funny at the same time, the Lacasi custom pools have a high theft rate in pubs around the world. Enough of that let’s get into a few main features of this cue now, the cue has custom solid low deflection shaft, this specific shaft is one that you won’t just find on any normal cues, only the Lusasi customs only.

The Lucasi customs cues are specially built to give your game an extra kick to its performance, not all cue shaft and ferrule are specially custom for those enhancements. the cue has a ton of features if I am to get in those you’ll be reading for hours, so ama just list a few in pre features below.

Pro Features:

  • Uni-Loc quick-release joint
  •  Zero Flexpoint ferrule
  • World Champion design tapper
  • Low Deflection Technology Shaft
  • Everest tip
  • Wood stabilizer
  • Laser-cut precision inlays
  • Exotic woods
  • Custom 3/8 x 10 pin joint
  • Anti-Scratch


  • A bit expensive


8. Lucasi Dark Wood Diamond Pool Cue stickBest Under $400

Next on our price listings is another Lucasi pool cue stick, this one is like the dark knight

version, the Lucasi Dark Wood Dimond pool cue stick. This specif brand is popularly used in these price ranges, these cues are very durable and it does exactly what you would expect from a high valued cue.

The cue has an Ivorine III Ferrule, this type of ferrule is not easily crack or strip. In my personal opinion, I think the Lucasi brand is a good brand to stick to within these price ranges. whether you are a beginner or a professional this cue stick is well suited for all, its very player-friendly.

If you are one to own this cue stick am sure it improve your game no matter the level you are at, I am sure it will increase your skills. I don’t know if its magic or what but this cue drives confidence into the user and we all know as a player of the game that confidence is an important factor of the game, lets now get into some of the wonderful features this stick carries.

Pro Features:

  • Triangle Tip- HQ leather tip
  • Ivorine III Ferrule
  • Double pressed Irish Linen wrap
  • 15in Pro Taper
  • Uni-Loc Quick Release Pins
  • Unique design
  • Wood stabilizer


  • No Casemaster Available


9. Players Set of 1 Piece Pool Cue Sticks ( 4 or 8 Cues)Guest usage cues ( Home or Bar) –

If you have a pool table at your home or bar and you are looking to buy some pool cue sticks for that table, so that whether the person has there own cue stick or not they can still participate in the game. When buying a guest usage cue stick you should always consider getting a one-piece cue stick.

The reason for that is because its not as easy to steal as a two-piece cue would, its more unlikely for one to try and steal a one-piece cue stick in open crowd. That said and done, this one-piece cue stick is a very durable, the tip is also not as easy to be worn out as a few others on the market. This is a great choice to choose when looking for cue sets for any guest usage.

The standard set would be 4 to 8, the pricing for there are very affordable as well, we know that no one really wants to buy a guest cue stick that’s too expensive, knowing that they won’t be fully cared for.

Pro Features:

  • Hard Rock Maple
  • 58″ Length
  • High-impact fiber ferrule
  • Premium Elk Master tip
  • Linen ring around the base of the cue
  • High gloss finishing
  • One-piece cue stick


  • Not a Travel-friendly cue


10. Players JB5 Midnight Black Jump Break CueBest Jump Break Cue Stick

Within a very reasonable budget, this jump/break cue is the best-qualified cue for the task. The breaking of the game is very important so its necessary to have the right tool for the job. Jump shots are high skilled plays of the game, so if you can find a pool cue stick like this one that contains the skills of both, right there and then you know we have ourselves a winner.

Not every day we come across cues like these, if you are a player that is directly working on your break shots or you just want to practice a few jump shots, this cue is the best selection for you. I don’t want you to misunderstand me they are not only a break or jump cue, but it can also be used as a normal cue stick as well it is just extra great for breaking and jump shots.

The tip 14mm super hard, so you know it is going to transfer the full power cut to the cue ball, this cue is full-on hulk cue stick.

Pre Features:

  • Super-hard bakelite tip
  • Wood-to-wood joint
  • Turbo-Lock quick-release pins
  •  Irish linen wrap
  • Slip-free grip
  • 14mm tip
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Not good on English or cut shots


11. Imperial Premier Cyclone 2-Piece Pool Cue StickBest House Cue For players Under 5ft7 – 

It is hard practicing with a cue stick that is not your size, worst when it’s definitely too tall for you. If you are a person that’s below average hight then we would recommend this 52-inch the cue stick, on testing to see if you are going to find this size more comforting it’s highly recommended that you don’t just go all out on a hight budget when searching.

If you get this cue and u like the feel then you can update to a more advanced cue stick, it may be super cheap but it’s durable enough. This cue is not a highly competitive cue stick, it’s for practice and friendly matches, its even a tow piece cue which is great, its very easy to travel with too.

So from 5ft2 to 5ft7, this cue would be the right height for you guys, although this is a cheap two-piece stick its been made form the best wood, hard Rock Maple wood, it is very much surprising to me as well.

Pro Features: 

  •  North American hard rock maple
  • Durable
  • Natural Design
  • Great Practicing Cue stick
  • Very Affordable


  • Not to be used for Serious Competitions


12. Short 48″ 2 Piece Hardwood Maple Pool Cue stickBest for Juniores

This cue is best suited for players under the height of 5ft1 to the minimal height of 3ft7, this cue is basically for the juniors that love the game and wants to practice from a tender age to become a professional pool player. It’s fun to see kids practicing their skills from a younger age to become champs of the future, now seen that we have to provide them with the right tools if we want to see them become successful.

Again this cue is very affordable on the market and we highly recommend you to get this cue if you are looking for a cue in this department. The cue has a nice design, the wrap is a beautiful designed Irish Lenin wrap, the tip is a 13mm fiber ferrule tip, the cue comes in two different colors black and brown. This junior master cue is also very easy to travel with, its a two-piece cue that can be easily taken apart when needed.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself loosing against a junior using this cue stick, it is very accurate I can say that for sure it’s only shorter than the normal.

Pro Features:

  • Hardwood Canadian maple wood
  • Steel joint
  • 13Mm fiber ferrule
  • Leather tip
  • Irish linen wrap
  • 48  inches in length
  • Durable
  • Good Design
  • Very Affordable
  • Different weights are available


  • There is a slight chance the cue will arrive warped but if it does, you can send it back to get another.
  • The tip is a hard tip which makes it not hard on them English shots.


13. Lucasi Custom Super Birds-Eye Pool Cue stickBest under 500


If you are looking for a high-end cue stick that will take you from an intermediate player level to a professional level in style, this cue would be the perfect match for you. Pulling out this cue in public will definitely catch all the attention from all the other players so it is best you are at the mid-range level of the game to compliment back the cue or else you be looking stupid, trust me, I see this happen a lot.

It is like buying a super sports car and then can’t drive, I hope u get the picture I am trying to paint. Other from that this cue a very good with tons of features, the cue looks and feels like the price. Holding this cue in your hand you gonna know for sure its not no knock off or cheap piece of wood you have in your hand.

As stated before, the Lacasi cues are popularly known to just get up and walk away when your not looking by themself, so please do keep your eyes on your cue at all time it is not a cue you gonna wat to just leave around to be stolen by thieves and sold back for two pennies. That aside let us just jump right into the features of this beast.

Pro Features:

  • Beautiful Look
  •  Laser-cut precision inlays
  • Low Deflection Shaft
  • Stainless steel joint collar
  •  Uni-loc pin
  • Superb ball controlling abilities
  • Custom Solid Core
  • Leather tip
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Zero Flexpoint ferrule
  • New taper


  • Not the perfect break cue due to its soft tip

Best Pool Cue For The Money


14. Viper Commercial/House 1-Piece Canadian Maple Pool Cue


Not looking to purchase the complete set of bar or home which would have 4 to 8 cue sticks in them, instead, you just want to get a single or two cue sticks for the house entertainment or to replace a broker one at your bar. The available sizes are from 36 inches to the standard 57inces, so basically they have for all age group usage.

The cue is made of hard Canadian maple wood with extra coated layers of varnish, the tip size is 13mm and is been made from leather. The cue is pretty straight forward and easy to use, there’s not much to say on these types of cues more than it’s one solid cue stick that’s very durable is ready to play with.

Pro Features:  

  •  ABS bumper
  • 13mm Le Pro leather tip
  • Durable
  • Very Affordable


  • The tip does not hold chalking very well


15. IgnatGames 2-Pieces Pool Cue Stick with Hard Case, a 3 Finger Glove and Chalk HolderMost affordable beginners set

With this cue set, you will get everything you would possibly need for a very inexpensive price. This set comes with the 3 finder black spandex Lycra cue gloves that can be fitted on both hands left or right. You get a leather case for easy traveling around with your stick, no-hassle, you a free chalk holder and chalk but the best part for me would be the additional tip maintenance tools you get with this package.

Not very often you see deals like this, the only thing is that I wish the cue stick was better performing but I guess it’s ok if you are at a beginner’s stage of the game. The design of the cue is on for the most of it especially when looking at all you get for the price, its a super deal the best a newcomer can get.

I am not gone lie with all the tools you bet with this cue stick it’s gonna definitely increase how fast you learn you catch on to the game, most the persons learning nowadays don’t consider using the right tools like for eg, the cue glove and tip shapers. You will never see a professional pool or any billiard sports player playing the game without the right equipment especially there cue glove.

Pro Features:

  • Comes with the full set, cue glove, case master, chalk holder, and tip shapers
  • Good design
  • Durable
  • Very inexpensive
  • Available in Red, Yellow, and Green
  • A-grade Canadian Maple Wood
  • Leather paint wrap


  • None that I can see due to the fact that it is a beginners cue set


Best Pool Cue For The MoneyBuying Guide 

Choosing the best pool cue for the money is going to all depend on the budget that you may have to spend on a cue stick. No matter which selection you choose within the listing above will be a great choice, there is a wide range of pool sticks within each price range above that would probably be a bit confusing to you at first.

However, we have gathered all the necessary information on all the pool sticks above so that we can compile the best and most accurate cues on the market within there price line for an easier selection on your end. That aside, when ordering a cue stick online you should check the cue as soon as it has arrived for any damage.

If the cue looks good, that doesn’t fully indicate that the cue is ok, next on the list is to make sure the cue has been sent straight. To check that it is not as hard as you may think, just simply hold the butt of the cue about five inches from your eye, you gonna slowly spin the cue and look to make sure of any abnormalities within the spin.

Another way would be to role the cue stick on a flat and very smooth surface to see if it has any bump in its role, that would instantly indicate if the cue is bent in any slight way. The worst thing is to buys a cue and it shows up bent, that’s gonna throw the whole balance of your game and aiming by more than half in the wrong direction.

How To Choose The Right Tip

The majority of the pool cue tips are made of leather material, the tip density normally comes in soft medium and hard. Now to decide which of those you need will all be narrowed down to the type of game you are looking to play, if you are new to the game of pool I would recommend using a medium-hard tip, that would give good control over the cue ball while maintaining its power.

The soft tip is best for players that love to play all those skilled shots like, cut shots and English shot in the game. The soft tip will provide you with the best ball controlling abilities there is, the oldy downside is that the tip will be worn out at a much faster paste.

Hard tips are best for breaking, they provide the maximum about of power from your stroke to the cue ball, if you are a noobie to pool it’s gonna be very difficult using a cue that has a hard tip. Hard tip causes the most miscues, so you have to be at some skilled range of the game to handle using a cue with a hard tip.

Choosing between what millimeter size tip to use will also be narrowed down to the type of pool game you wish to play. Pool tips are popularly ranged from 11mm to 14mm, the standard size to use for a newcomer would be 13mm tip or the smallest 12.75mm.

All that said if you wish to know more about the pool cue tips or what pool cue tip do the pros use you can see them here. The link in green will provide you with all you need including the tip branding and manufacturers as well.

What Weight Pool Stick Should I Use

Pool cues are available in many different ounces, the standard most available weights would be from 16oz to 21oz. The cue weights go below and above that as well, am just stating the more popularly used ounces. As a beginner or new player of the game, it is best to start off using a 19-ounce cue stick, after you have a feel of that specif weigh it’s going to be much easier to determine what’s best for you.

A 19-ounce is a comfortable enough weight to start off with if you don’t like the feeling your probably gonna just want to scale up by 1 or reduce it be 1. Persons ask the question a lot of time, what’s the best pool cue weight to use but the truth is every weigh is perfect for someone out there, so to give a direct answer would be say something we, not 100% sure about.

The only reason we know that for sure that the 19-ounces is best suited for beginners, the statics chart that is been shown with the amount of   19-ounces pool sticks are the most purchased cues sticks on the marker along with the 18- ounces and 21. I generally prefer using a 19 ounce up to this very day and I have been playing pool for over 15 years now.